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Here are some answers

A viewer who watches the Atheist Experience, sent some questions to the show. The hosts decided to publish the questions in order to get this person as much input as possible.

Here is mine:

1. Someone I know told me that the Old Testament doesn’t apply to us, not only because there is a new covenant, but also because God made those laws for a specific purpose, for example, selling off your daughter to her Rapist only applied to the people at the time. What should I say to that?
This is textbook cherry picking. If someone is a Christian, the bible is the foundation of their belief system. The bible has two testaments. If the old testament doesn’t apply because it was another time, then the same applies for the new testament.

2. He says evolution is discredited by the amount of genetic mutations that are negative instead of positive. I replied with the mutation that allows some people to drink milk is positive because it helped people back when food was scarce and also how most mutations don’t do anything, they’re neutral. Was that a good reply and how is his argument true or false?
I am unsure as to what exactly he meant. But evolution is just a huge line of genetic mutations. Some of those mutations got whole species extinct because they didn’t work out. Not sure how any type of mutation could discredit evolution. I am also not sure how you’d make a distinction between a positive and a negative one.

3. People claim the bible is scientific but the story of Noah’s ark is in there? What other stories show that the bible is as scientific as Harry Potter.
* Jonah and the big fish (oh don’t you dare talking about a whale 😀 )
* Virgin Mary or not depending on the gospel
* The resurrection being told in different ways depending on the gospel
* Original sin (talking snake with legs, hello?)
* A woman being made out of the rib of a man
* Making wine from water
…. etc ….
The bible is full of these treasures

4. How do I explain to those who don’t understand about how “information” cannot exceed the speed of light and how DNA isn’t a written set of instruction that the way most would think of it?
We do not know if there is a way to exceed the speed of light. Just because science hasn’t seen or found it yet, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I would never make a claim like that.
DNA > Take some lego blocks and build a tiny tower. Then explain how this is like DNA having certain components that fit together. If more explanation is needed, you can totally dive into biology, take out a 5th graders textbook and check it out with that person.

5. Why is Theistic Evolution wrong or unreasonable? I may have gotten the name wrong but a friend of mine says theistic evolution is evolution but with divine intervention behind it all.
Theistic Evolution starts with the assumption that “God did it” and as a reasonable person, this should never be the first assumpion. They only do theistic evolution anyway because there is too much evidence supporting evolution to keep telling people that it is not true. The fact that we do not know what exactly made evolution start etc doesn’t mean that this knowledge gab needs to be filled with “God did it”. It should be filled with curiousity instead.

6. My friend crashed in a plane recently and he was unscathed. Now all the uber christian kids at my school keep saying Jesus saved him, but for me I ask why he didn’t prevent the crash in the first place. Then they say Jesus doesn’t check planes before they take off. I know this is a subject that hits the emotions, but how do I convince the crash wasn’t divine but instead was a lucky crash?
So how was this divine for those who got injured or died in the crash. How was it divine for the owner of the plane who lost a lot of money and reputation there? How was it divine for everybody surviving the crash, who will now probably have to deal with trauma? It is a great thing that the friend survived, but that does not mean that a higher being hand picked him. It simply means he survived. It would be a morally very misguided Jesus, who preaches in the bible to love everybody, but then let’s a crash happen, causing a lot of pain just to hand pick one person. Could he not just given one of those signs, enlightenments, etc without the whole drama?

7. Would finding how life forms can arise from inanimate organisms not just disprove but destroy any religious claims to creation? Also what would you think the response to new extraterrestrial life being discovered? Hement Mehta believes this would be a huge blow to organized religion.
There are forms of belief based on “Extraterestrials have visited earth so and so long ago. They were Gods and then they left earth…”
You can find that on History Channel a lot. So that part is not a good argumetn against religion or gods.
If a scientist would be able to create life from inanimate parts, then the next step would be that the scientific community retests this over and over again. If it really worked, it would not disprove a god though. It would probably be a great argument for a believer that someone in the beginning must have done something like that. The fact that there are strong forces in the galaxy that can probably do that, wouldn’t count anymore at that point.

8. Many creationists claim that the odds of humanity coming to be is so improbable. I was thinking before I slept the other day about a new idea(which probably was thought of already because it’s simple). I call it the argument from hindsight. Is this a thing(argument from hindsight)? Is easy to say it must be hard to get to where we are now, but that because we’re looking back. How many Martians are saying this? None because there isn’t anyone to look back at what needs to occur for life.
It is very improbably indeed but it turned out this way anyway. Humanity had billions of years to arise from simple one-celled life forms into more and more complex beings. At some point something humanoid came out of it and it kept evolving to what we are nowadays. This stuff doesn’t happen within 20 years or any timespan that one single person could observe. The time frame is too big so we rely on fossil records and such things. Those records that we rely on, to understand how humanity came to be, are pretty clear.

I am not a scientist, just a normal freethinking person that tries to help out.
If you actually got to read this and wanna keep talking, feel free to drop me a comment.

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Atheist Activism vs. being preachy

We all know the Jehova’s Witness style religious people. Knocking on your door on a Sunday at 7am when every normal person is sleeping, wanting to talk Jesus with you. Or those people who will interrupt your conversation with someone to tell you that you got it all wrong and God has a plan for you. Or the guys on the shopping mile with the God-flyers, asking you if you know what that guy called “Jesus” did just for you.

Don’t you hate this invasive behavior? I sure do. I cannot stand people trying to convert me or trying to preach whatever religion is trendy right now. I do not like when people come into my personal space (and this includes a private conversation that I might have with someone while I am outside my house) and interrupt everything I am doing just to start preaching to me.

Well since I hate this kind of behavior, of course I am not doing it either. I am a reasonable person, or so I like to think. It is rude and intruding and very annoying so I don’t do it. Yes it is that easy for me. Even if I hear a godly conversation. Who am I to roll in like an elephant and destroy the conversation, other people are having?

So the other day, a friend I have on Facebook, Seth, he posted something. I have to mention that Seth is an Atheist activist. He has a very successful website and podcast and is generally known in the atheist “scene”.

With his allowance, I am now going to post something that he wrote and parts of the conversation that followed in the comments:


I read this and just nodded. “Yes, this is how I would react too.” I would leave those people alone. It is not like they are trying to preach to me. They are having a conversation, so whatever, let’s eat breakfast.
Right? Sounds reasonable?

Well here is a comment on this post:


I usually don’t comment on people’s posts because I am a no-drama-zone and usually my thoughts are kind of thought provoking which people just don’t take well. I learnt to shut up most of the time. But this time, with this comment, I was not able to, sorry. I just had to say something because this Faisal guy was obviously an idiot.


I had so much more on my mind, things I wanted to tell that guy but I felt like one of the two would happen if I said more:

  1. He gets defensive and starts a never ending discussion about who knows what.
  2. He wouldn’t read it anyway

I wanted to keep my good mood and save my nerves, so I kept it at that.

If you are interested in more content by Seth, please check him out. He is one of the greatest Atheist activists out there.
Here is his youtube channel:
Here is his website:
Here is his facebook page:

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The pendulum and reincarnation


A bit of a ramble / wall of text >> My thoughts on the topic

A friend of mine used to have migrane attacks, really bad ones. At some point his dad came to his house with the pendulum. He kind of… swung out the whole place and found out that the bed was on an magnetic energetic cross which runs through the ground at that place. And when he moved the bed the migranes stopped.

Now my critical mind kicks in. Ok, magnetic waves maybe… Don’t know. But the pendulum? Hm. I used to be a witch. That was my religion and my life for a long long time. I used the pendulum back then and I believed in it a lot. But the more I brought it to the test, the more I dug deep on theory and physics etc, the less believable it became.
My friend, saying that “my dad holds his hands really still and he is not a liar either!” is not a reason to just believe this without looking any further.
For a fact I know that when I used the pendulum I was holding it very still too and I wasn’t lieing when I talked about the results. I believed what I said and I knew I wasn’t swinging that thing.
BUT you know how the tiniest movement, the kind that you can’t control, will make that pendulum swing? Holding it still isn’t enough. Stop the wind around you, stop cold and warm air move around you. Stop your veins from pulsating and so on. Yes, in the end, you hold it as still as you can but it will still swing. And the longer you try, the harder it will swing. Perpetuum mobile anybody? It’s kinda like that, not exactly but kinda.

But he kept talking. He said he had all those pains and feels weak so much. His sister is an alternative practitioner and she is doing all these fancy things like regressions and such.
In the esotheric context, just to explain, a regression means that you are being put into a trance like state and you will be able to go back in your memory to very early stages in your life. In theory they are also able to bring you back into a past life.
Now my friend said, with the most serious voice ever, that he would like to try this because maybe, his health problems root in a previous life and if so, if he knew that, he would at least know what to do now.
He said his sister found out that she was raped at a very young age that way.
I am not going to belittle the fact that his sister was raped. In fact I am somewhat confident that the regression worked in this matter. Because after all you are being carefully led back in this stage and you will be able to remember things. Simple psychology. She probably remembered it, which is not unlikely to happen. Many people remember it only once they are grown. Our brains work that way. Our brains block out stuff that we can’t deal with and once we are ready and wanna know, we can try and dig it out. I dug stuff out too by meditating a lot. Wouldn’t call it a regression but it helped me work out my problems and traumata.But I find it a bit far fetched to say, hey maybe I will go ahead and have a look in my previous life.

Why? Because this assumes that there was a previous life.
While I cannot prove or disprove the possibility of rebirth and such things, scientific research has not been able to prove it. I go with science, sorry. I can’t just believe stuff because it feels warm, fuzzy, and convenient.
Let me explain something to you.
Back in my witch-days I believed in reincarnation too. I actually knew of my past life in the 18-hundrets. I think 1860s or so. I knew that I was a man called Luke and that I had a beautiful girl and a little cottage. I was a soldier and owned a brown horse.
I knew all these details of my life, my age, my wife’s name, the colour of my house, what the road looked like, the field and the garden, etc…
But the more I researched and tried to prove reincarnation and souls and energies and nature in general, the less likely it all became. I remember this thing on youtube that I saw where they “weighed the soul” and came to the conclusion that the soul must weigh like 0.02 grams. I remember how I completely bought it until I learnt more about dead bodies and such things.

No, I can’t buy into this anymore, sorry.
I have this ugly habit of using my brain to be critical with weird assumptions. I like to check sources and research and physics and other things that are important for scientific research of things. I am not a scientist but I am not stupid. I can grasp most concepts of physic, biology, chemics, and so on.

It might feel good to believe in things like this but how much good does it do to believe in things just to feel good? Most of these believe systems come with a whole battery of negative stuff too. Over all it always ends up being really bad for the mind to believe in things and blocking your brains (through indoctrination) from asking the important questions:

Why? & How?

Yes, exactly, I can’t prove that these things do not exist but I don’t have the burden of proof. I believe in this stuff as much as I believe in the flying spagetti monster and the invisible pink unicorn.
The people who claim that a statement is true have to prove it, not the person who doesn’t believe it. The non-believer usually doesn’t claim that the statement is untrue, they simply don’t believe it. You want me to believe, you get to prove your point.

See how I get into this huge rant and ramble on forever about this? That’s exactly why I said nothing when my friend talked about it.

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I left the country, I was born in, 5 years ago and I have not been back during those 5 years.
I left without a lot of planning. It was a quick decision and it was good that I made it because the moment I left that country my mental state started improving and by now I am pretty much back to normal, whatever one may consider to be normal.

My mom has been asking if I could come for a visit. She has been asking for a while now and there is no good reason anymore to not come for a visit. Now I have a job, I kinda settled down for now, and I have the cash.

So I bought plane tickets for my husband and me and we are going to visit soon.

I feel a little weird. I know many people who are away from home and they miss their families and they love it when they can return. I don’t.
What I mostly connect to that country is being miserable. Maybe it changed now that I am over pretty much everything and nothing forces me to stay there.
But still I feel very odd going there.
At first I thought about meeting up with my grandparents but I don’t think they deserve it.
Then I thought about meeting up with my father but I don’t think he is interested.
I thought about meeting up with both my brothers but I only really want to see one of them.
I will, of course, meet my mom and that is fine although I know it will be exhausting.
I will also meet at least one good friend.

What I planned is a lot for those two days.
I am going to show my husband a lot of things, we will certainly be occupied. The meet ups I hope can take place in the evening. We can probably just go to a cafe or a restaurant, this way it won’t be so rude if I wanna leave at some point.

It’s just this feeling … to go back to where everything bad is sleeping. Everything bad that ever happened to me and I am proud to have broken all the bonds that connected me to that country, apart from my nationality of course.
I am scared shitless that all my sanity will crumble there. I feel safer of course, because I have my husband, and he is great at reading my early signs and keeping me in a state. He won’t let me drown but still it will be exhausting I think. It is not like I really wanna go. I am pretty much going because my mom has been asking for such a long time…

My home is not there. My home is here. Right here, where I am now. I love this country, I love this city, I love this house, the job, the landlord, the few friends I have. This is my home, I feel good here, and safe, and not mentally handicapped.

Is it normal to be so scared by a place… By “your own country”… It’s not my country. I never felt like a national there.
I feel like one now, I feel like a national here where I am. And I want to change nationalities once the time comes. I just feel like this is my place and I want to stay.

Dunno, thoughts circling in my head.

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I have those days when I think.

Yes, ok, I think on a daily basis. Just like everyboy.

But you know those days, when there is something that just doesn’t go away, you just have to keep thinking about it. And usually it doesn’t matter if you can change things by thinking or you can’t, your thoughts will just circle at some point.

That’s what I am talking about.
During my very very depressed phase, this was my life. Circling thoughts were pretty much ruling my day. I was unable to do anything because it was so exhausting to think and think and think and never get a rest or at least a little break.
During that time I didn’t sleep well. Most of the time I had an hour or two per night. It just played into the whole state of being overly exhausted.
I actually ended up losing my job because I was not able to do it well anymore.

Well the same thoughts that used to keep me up at nights and that circled through my head unsolved and unresolved, are the once that tiring me right now, today March 2nd 2014.
The good thing is, that I don’t tend to slip into deep depression anymore.

I can’t even remember what triggered my thinking today but I am super exhausted.

What am I thinking about…

Mainly my childhood and how I grew up and all the things that happened to me. I am thinking about the different things that traumatized me and how difficult it was for me to get out of my depression which was caused by post traumatic stress disorder.
You know what happens if a lot of bad stuff happens to you and you keep pushing it away for years on end?
In the end you will collapse under all of it.
I used to say that enough shit happened to me fill two or three lives with it and up to this day I stand to this statement.
When I was 22 years old everything just started coming back. All the shit that I had pushed away to keep functioning inside the family and in society and at work and with friends etc. My well formed layer of protection just crumbled away and everything fell on me all at once. I was completely unprepared for it and I remember that on that day I went to work and I just collapsed. I just started crying and I couldn’t stop. My boss sent me to the doctor, my doctor sent me to the psycho-somatic emergency, that place wanted to keep me immediately. It cost me my last reserves to make the doctor believe me that I will not kill myself if she lets me go.
As you figured correctly, I am still alive. But that doesn’t mean that things weren’t that bad.
I had to go to a day clinic every day and spend 8 hours there for therapies.
None of the therapies helped me but what did help was all the free time I had, not having to work.
I was finally able to work through my life and just make peace with everything that happened.
All the problems caused by poverty, abuse, bullying, inconsistency, broken family, hopelessness, and so on. I read up on trauma and depression and therapeutic ways of working through everything. I tried therapy but it didn’t help because I didn’t want to talk face to face about what my problems were.
I found help on the internet. Forums and chat rooms for people like me helped a lot. Writing also helped me a lot. The amount of letters and poems and blogs and forum entries I wrote were so important. I am not a good talker but I am a good writer. Writing things down were my way to vent and to work though things. Letting people read it and reading the feedback also helped a lot. Also meditation were a great tool for me. Certain meditation techniques helped me to finally calm my mind down to a level were I could think and get to a solution.
I remember that during the whole time between my crash and the start of my self-healing process, I was always just an inch away from suicide. I never told a soul that I was planning it. People did notice that I had changed though. I lost weight because I stopped eating, I looked weak because I exhausted my body so much that my asthma kicked in very bad and I refused to use my inhaler, I would physically hurt myself in different ways, from burning myself with hot water to cutting.
I was a mess but somehow I got out of it after a few years.
Yes, this self-healing process took many years. To be honest from the point when I crashed under all of “the shit” it must have taken five to six years to get back on my feet.
I met my husband during that time and he had A LOT to do with me healing and becoming a person again.

This is what I am thinking today. I am thinking about more details though. About certain things that happened. I am going through whys and hows and ifs. I know nothing can change the past but the past just sometimes comes back and tells you “Hi look, I am part of you, I am not going away.” It kinda burns when that happens and it is very exhausting and I just wanna go back to bed and sleep 24 hours. But then I tell myself that yes, this is me. Without my past I wouldn’t be who I am today. And then I look at where I am standing now in my life, and things suddenly look so much nicer.

I am here, I breath, I love, I live.
I have a husband, a job I like, food on the table.
I even made it to being overweight, something that was unthinkable but now I have enough money to eat what I want and when I want. I love food so much. I don’t even really really care if I am overweight or not. I try to not cross the 100 Kilo marker and that is it for me. I am fit and happy and I eat whatever the fuck I want haha.
I love my husband, I love the fact that sometimes we can afford something nice.
End of March we are traveling for a long weekend and I am looking forward to it. I am also a little scared because I will face part of my past at that point but the fact that I can afford nice things sometimes makes it worthwhile.
I have hope and a future and 30 – 40 years of life ahead of me.
What will they bring? Will I live for the next big scientific breakthrough? Will the zombie apocalypse happen? Will I have a child or two? Will I stay in Ireland or move somewhere else again?
Live is great!

But today I am thinking.

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