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Eurovision Song Contest WTF?

After years of not watching the Eurovision Song Contest, today I forced my man to watch it with me.
I used to enjoy it very much but that was many moons ago.
I had so much WTF happening there, it’s almost sad what has become of this contest.

  • Almost all the songs sounded alike, as if the same person wrote them all. What a bad sign for music culture…
  • Whoever wrote the moderations for the presenters -> You are not funny! You are cringy at best. (That is not good, it is annoying)
  • The presenters sang a song together. That song was not only bad, and way too much of everything. The fact that it was present as some kind of satire and supposed to be funny in the same forced way as the moderations, added to the “wtf- factor”.
  • So you invite Justine Timberlake and then let him cheaply perform basically a medley of his old songs but present as if it is new? Are you for real? How stupid do you think your viewers are?
  • As the points were given, the other countries had so horrible, bad backgrounds and sometimes the outfits were just so ridiculous. Come on, when you are streaming to such a mass of people, you should put more than 2 minutes worth of effort in those two things if you want to represent your country.

Tiny rant here:

Where are the actual life performances? I think only 3 artists actually performed live with a band, as in not a playback on which you sing. That’s poor standards. This contest used to pride itself by how great and talented the artists were that came on stage and perform. There was a very high standard on who could actually perform there. Now it is just another music show with mostly untalented people. I stopped counting how many “singers” weren’t able to hold a note.
And just to mention. I spend my childhood and most of my teenage years on stages. I know that stress and fear can do things to your performance. BUT big BUT these people are supposed to be professionals. If they are, they should not let it get to them to a degree where something as basic as holding a note, cannot be done anymore. If you sing every day because that is what you do, it is your live and your job and your hobby, then holding a note cannot ever be difficult for you.
Before I stopped singing, it was almost impossible for me to break a note or not hit it spot on. And I was not a professional. I just sang a lot, my voice was somewhat trained, my ears had almost absolute hearing at the point. So if me, not professional, can hold a note on stage, why can’t a professional. You gotta be kidding me to let that be on your stage.

End rant

How about we go through the performances and what my man and I just happened to notice. Because although the music was horrible from an artistic standpoint of view (most of the time) and the standards for this competition have obviously sunk to an all-time low, at least it was funny to watch all the fail.

So from start to end:

  1. Belgium: Moved waaay too much.
  2. Czech Republic: Made up for Belgium by not moving at all. Fun-fact, that song was called stay (or something like that)
  3. Netherlands: Dutch cowboy who should have performed a country song. So yea wild west in the Netherlands I guess.
  4. Azarbajan: Singer couldn’t sing but at least one of the male dancers was belly free and fun to watch.
  5. Hungary: Some kind of Sexy Bambie guy with a smokey voice. He cannot sing but at least he brought a drummer who didn’t hit his drum and his background”singers” were really good at whistling and skipping.
  6. Italy: At least this singer didn’t sing in English for a change, but in Italian. She was not moving at all, maybe glued to the stage on that green spot, who knows. The song did not move out of the range of half an octave but those 4 notes, she hit them well.
  7. Israel: The most cliche emo I have ever seen. Black everything, even the stage apart from the blue big star he stood on. And wtf was going on with the gymnsasts on stage. Was that some kind of artsy statement?
  8. Bulgaria: Nice coat, hot babe, shiny lights on her costume… The song was made of refrain, one line, refrain… sad
  9. Sweden: Some babyfaced guy talking the song and eating the mic at the same time. He probably had more foundation (make up) on his face than a beauty guru on youtube.
  10. Germany: What’s with the Anime fangirl and the ugly stage with odd trees that have neon green laser lights coming out of the branches while the rest is in nice dark blue and purple colours on the stage… And I thought I am colour blind…
  11. France: At least not only singing in English but also in French. But the song and performance were just unimpressive as fuck.
  12. Poland: A rocker with a great rock voice singing a shit song (not rock) while wearing the costume of a circus director.
  13. Australia: because every one knows that Asian-Australian girls are from Europe. Good voice. Too bad that half the song was stolen from another song.
  14. Cyprus: Finally music. A rockband actually performing on stage properly. And the song sounded like a song instead of some pop-manufactured blargh
  15. Serbia: Dead eyes, probably trying to look mysterious. Good voice and big budget for hair clips. She brought a sexy guy and some shield maidens on stage.
  16. Lithuania: His choreographer must have been a girl. too much echo in the song. Also trying to be sexy – how cute.
  17. Croatia: Literally treehugger… Wtf was that dress? Also kind of asian theme to the song/ Sounded like a mix of Japanese and Cranberries styles. Good voice though.
  18. Russia: Final Fantasy much? Anyway very impressive stage performance. How unfortunate that the song was complete shit.
  19. Spain: A mix of 90s, Madonna, and La Isla Bonita. Not impressive, but at least very loud, eh.
  20. Latvia: Was unable to hit a single note. Always a tiny tad off. Why was he screaming at the audience so much? Why so angry. In the end he was like “Screw you guys! I’m taking my jacket off!”
  21. Ukraine: Main lyric was “uuuhuuuhuuu” and apparently this lady can only gesture with her left hand. Well done…
  22. Malta: Skyping the song in? So much Mariah Carrey tryhard and what’s with the odd frog man doing gymnastics and handstands?
  23. Georgia: Roxette style rock music and nicely done because performed live with band. Had an interesting sound but was very repetitive.
  24. Austria: meh
  25. United Kingdom: Guys going for the gay vibe? Who knows. The one who “played” the guitar didn’t even touch the strings. Come on.
  26. Armenia: The background track was from another song (at least in the beginning). Kinda naked performer, looking good. Who needs to sing well if you got that body?

If you want to watch the thing to know what I am referring to, just re-watch it on YouTube 🙂

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This is the internet, get over it or get out:

1. No one fucking cares if you are offended. Did you die from being offended? Did anything serious happen to you after someone offended you? What are we? Fucking kindergarten? Grow a pair of balls wtf… Nothing happens if you are offended. It’s the fucking internet, guys. People say stuff. If it’s too offensive for you, get out. Does everybody need to be treated like a sensitive cute little flower now?

2. Christians may stop trying to silence me. Even on my own fucking facebook profile I mostly refrain from making any type of clear atheistic statements. Why? I have two friends on there, who will take it personal aka be offended. Since I am not a fucking prick, I try to be nice. I will stop being nice now because fuck you, that’s why. If you can share your fucking brainwashed bullshit to everybody on your friend list then so can I. Deal with it and if you are too much of a sensitive little flower, fucking un-friend me. I’m not going to stay quiet any longer.

3. Also, just saying, if my language or the words I use offend you because I use “bad words” than sucks to be you. I will say whatever I want, in real and online. No, society will dictate to me what kind of words are now being deemed unfit for public use. Especially as long as “dick” is beeped out but “man slaughter” is not.

4. If I block you in any online community, then that is my way of moving on and showing you the door. I will have a reason and even if you don’t accept that, I don’t fucking care. If you feel the need to rant on about me, making me look bad or whatever, just shows your true character and therefore > fuck you and I was right to block you. You are probably not worth any more of my time.


Happy Challenge Update

I will be honest here. I completely failed this challenge.
I cannot be happy 100 days in a row.
Not because my life sucks. Actually I have it pretty good compared to just a few years ago.
It’s more a general problem. I am naturally a pretty pessimistic person. My current job made this worse. As I mentioned before, in one of my previous posts, I am not well equipped for it. I can deal with my job but I can’t shield stuff away well. It does get to me pretty bad.
On top of my job ruining everything that is sweet and cute for me, I am also pretty much a social critic. So whenever I don’t get all the horrible images in my head, I have to think about our fucked up society where sharia law is enforced in certain places, where teenagers are bullied into suicide, and where old people can’t live off their pensions any more.

My brain never stops and I can’t make it stop.

So yea, I totally failed the happy challenge although I have a pretty nice live with a sweet husband, a good income, a flat, internet, and all these sweet things.

On a brighter side though:
I did have a nice easter time. Enjoyed the days off because I live in a catholic country. I ate too much, I watched movies, I cuddled with my honey, went out, and all the nice stuff. From time to time I was able to completely block my work out of my mind. That’s good and I am happy about it. Shame it doesn’t count into the challenge as I already failed it before easter.


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Too much

The following blog post is not me complaining, it is just venting.

So I am working for this website.
A big part of my work (about 70% – 80%) consists of checking reported content.

There is usually a good reason why people report certain things, so what I get to see day in day out is the dark side of the internet.

So today my work consisted of watching beheading, shootings, killings, more beheading, stoneings, executions, dogs being tortured, images of dead rape victims, open wounds, traffic accidents with body parts all over the place, and much more. You get the idea.
The more relaxed days usually consist of war images, people being tortured or shot, and dead children.

Lately it is really getting to me.
I got used to it after an initial shock when I was new to this job.

I remember back at the interview. They warned me that I might see disturbing things at work. They asked me if I am ok with that. I said “Yes”.
After all I used to do content administration for a big porn site for a while, I moderated and administrated sites, chats, forums. I researched the military for a good while because I wanted to join the military. And part of me preparing was watching the most disturbing things I could find online and see if I can deal with all of it.
I honestly thought that I’ve seen it all. There can’t be anything worse.
Boy was I wrong.

I am not well prepared to deal with “too much” because I just came out of my clinical depression. I don’t have the tools to shield my  mind properly, tools to balance things out. All I can do to vent so I don’t go crazy is writing.

There are days like today where I can’t do anything to lift my spirits

Happy Challenge, Day 3:

Although my work day was really difficult for my mind (see post above) I did find a few small things that made me happy:

  1. I got to meet with a friend after work and we had very nice Chinese food.
  2. I finished something that I have been working on.
  3. Today was pay day.
  4. My missing debit card was returned.
  5. Found my missing key card for work, that I thought I lost.
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