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Not praying for Paris.


So this morning I woke up and like many people, checking Facebook, watching some YouTube, while having breakfast.

But today it was full, and I mean FULL, of the Paris attacks. It was full of compassionate post and half of those posts were about please pray for Paris.

And when those started piling up I turned my Facebook off and did not have a look again until the evening. I actually went out and did not look at any social media.
My surprise in the evening, everybody has started to go nuts about the things that happened in Paris. My own husband started giving me Muslim-hate-statements until I forcefully stopped.

For me this whole thing has three sides. And all three prevent me from getting into depth and caring about it too much.

  1. I used to work at a big social media website for a while and one of my jobs there was to review reported material. Now what (among other stuff) do you think gets reported? Yes, war images, Muslim hate, terrorism stuff, etc. So for that whole time, where I had to review these things, I got a little dull. I had my fare share of raging and being sad but at some point you have to stop investing your energy in it or you will go completely nuts. You need to stop caring to a degree to keep sane and to protect yourself. You need to become dull so you can keep functioning and so you can sleep at night instead of waking up 20 times because the images haunt you.
    So I became dull. I slept at night. I stay aware of the bad things that happen in the world but for my own sanity, I need to distance myself a lot at this point.
  2. I am on the edge to losing it at the moment. And this is the main reason why I just cannot let it get to me. It is the reason why I did not read up or start watching the news. It is the reason I scrolled past everything Paris in the evening. My job has brought me to a level where I cannot sleep any longer, and where I am slipping from one panic attack into the next one. I do not need any more things that could trigger me to become even more negative and unhappy. So as seen above, I need to try and keep myself together by shielding myself from these things. (Yes, I am selfish)
  3. I will not pray, I will not share anything that asks people to pray, I will not comment or like it. I will show my middle finger to it. Why you ask? Because every time someone prays, he did not do anything for real. You put your hands together, talk to your imaginary sky daddy who apparently is all knowing and has this big plan but you cannot deal with your sky daddy’s plan so you pray? Do you think you are actually doing a damn thing there? I know that I cannot do anything and I will not pretend that I can by speaking to myself. Come on people, aren’t you too old for that crap.
    Be compassionate, say nice things, cry with the victims if you must, but leave your fucking religion out of it. A hate crime happened, stop pretending that you are doing something by praying.

Btw, I am not being an ass here even if it sounds like it. I am very sorry for those who lost people there and very sad that this happened. I just simply do not have the energy in me to deal with the thing right now.

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Finally Honeymoon

When we married, we had no money for a honeymoon. Now we are 4 years into the marriage and I got my first tax return which I was able to claim for 3 years in one go. So I can finally afford this honeymoon!

And of course, why not, it is Paris.

Didn’t exactly start out great because the plane that were going to take originally had some serious technical problems. And they tried to fix it for two hours until they decided to put us on another plane and finally lift off.

So we were in Paris 2 hours late at about midnight and it took us another hour to get to the hotel. The hotel looked closed and we had to ring about four times until someone came to let us in. After all, I paid the night, I wanted to go there and sleep.

Today we had our first day in Paris and although we did not catch nearly enough sleep, it was great.
Most of my life I have lived in big cities that partially live off tourism so I know how you can lose sight of how beautiful the place is you live in.

But Paris is next-level-beautiful. No matter where you go, you turn around a corner and have another “WOW” moment. Even in residential areas. The houses, the churches, clocks, street lanterns, tiny parks and flower beds, etc. It is so beautiful everywhere.

We took the Metro into the city. And the Metro is another thing that was super interesting. You get those tiny tickets that you put into a machine and it comes out again. You take your ticket and go through a barrier and a doorthing.
Finding connections is very easy though. You just check out where you want to go in advance and you will find the stop where you need to get off really quickly. Even when you have to swap trains multiple times, they go so frequent and the signage is so clear, it is unbelievable what a great system this is. I have seen great subway systems believe me but the Metro so far tops it all. You cannot get confused or lost. It is really well thought out and executed.

The people also seem to be mainly very respectful towards each other. I haven’t seen much ugliness. Sure there was this guy who smoked one joint after the other on the Metro out of the window. There were the normal occasional acts of vandalism that you see like people scribbling their initials on walls or something. But nothing that really stands out and that is something.

Anyway, here are a few photos to give you a taste.

We got off the Metro somewhere close to river Seinne. And the area looked residential. I loved the ornaments on the buildings and some of the doors were impressive too.

IMGA0541 IMGA0542

After that we decided to walk down the Champs Elysee. So to get there we had to walk along the river Seinne for a while

IMGA0549 IMGA0552

and we came across an art museum that had free entry!

IMGA0579 IMGA0585 IMGA0599

We walked down the Champs Elysee and ended up at the Arc de Triumph. That is when we turned around to walk down towards the Louvre. I am skipping the Arc de Triumph pictures because they just didn’t turn out well. But on the way back down and towards Louvre we found a few nice places. The two highlights were a very old Restaurant where we had lunch. It was away from the tourists, mainly catering towards locals. The restaurant is almost 100 years old and had very old cutlery that looked handmade. We also found a very nice park where a lot of people went to rest. It had a great fountain.

20150707_135544 IMGA0612

In the end we saw the Louvre and Notre Dame from the outside. Louvre was closed and the queue at Notre Dame was ridiculously long. As we were tired and our feet were killing us we decided to go back to the hotel at that point.

This was Louvre

IMGA0623 IMGA0636

This was Notre Dame. And yes at times I prefer to make photos off the main attraction because in this case the little towers etc were really nice…

IMGA0662 IMGA0665

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