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Let’s ramble

A lot of different things have been on my mind since the last post and a lot of times I thought that it would make a good blog post but then again, I am pretty busy lately so I didn’t find the time to write. Today I decided to just steal that time from something else.

Work stuff:

I am at this point where I just keep saying that I don’t care at all anymore. I doing the bare minimum at work because honestly fuck this shit.

Let me tell you what happened:

I have a very clean slate at work. I am the person that is on time always, the one who locks their screen, the one who knows all policies and workflows, the one who will help all newbies and always find the time to explain something new. By now I am officially a mentor, a coach, and a quality reviewer. I plan workloads, prepare presentations, etc etc. That is all not in my job description. I just do it because I like it. So I am not complaining of course. I love a challenge, I love getting to work on a project so later I can say “wow this was me and I helped so many people with it”. It just feels good. Yes, I feel proud of the work I do because I am good at what I am doing.
Now like in every customer related job, there are different queues and all the tickets that come in have to be worked within a certain time frame. Now there is one queue where we need to answer within 24 hours. So a coworker works Sunday. He empties the queue at 5pm on Sunday and goes home. On monday he is off and four hours after he leaves a ticket comes into the queue.
On Monday morning my two team leads are panicking. Where did that ticket come from, why did no one work this? (I am working via an agency onsite with a huge international company and my teamleads are also via the agency. So it is a bunch of contractors getting orders.) I am being asked who was in on Sunday and I answer. Hm, did he not empty the queue? Oh yes he did, here is the screenshot. Where is this ticket coming from? Panic. An hour later the teamlead asks me to please work this ticket. at this point it is at 12 hours, so I still got 12 hours right? No problem, I will work it. So I finish something else and go to a meeting. I come back, bigger panic about this ticket. So I work the ticket with still 5 hours left on the clock and think all is good now. It was not big issue in the ticket, quickly solved, no problem.
Tuesday morning, before coffee or breakfast, teamlead asks me over for a second. Shows me an email to the leads of the actual company, trying to silencing them because all reasoning and explaining did not shut them up. So he put as last line that I am getting the first step of a disciplinary because of this issue.

Now my problem is this:
I am by far their best worker there. I am a senior, I deliver great quality, so yea I get they needed a scape goat to shut those people up and they chose me because nothing can happen to me. But the pure fact that a scape goat is needed for an issue where no one is at fault for anything. A minor thing that no one cares about and that had no impact whatsoever. I am not even working this queue and this language market usually. But someone had to be hung. This type of bullshit politics is my problem. I love my team lead, he is doing a great job and I am not mad at him.
But I know who is behind the whole drama, which exact manager and I know that this person will walk over everything and everybody in order to look good. And I hate such people. There must be someone to blame even if there isn’t even an issue, and of course it must be one of the contractors, give me a name, do something.
The fact that the also bullied my teamlead (who is also a friend) out just adds to the fact that I am now looking for a new job. Fuck this shit, if you take me for granted and I hear no thank you ever, and I get THIS in return, I am leaving. See what you do without me and fuck you very much.

League of Legends stuff:

I joined a somewhat competitive team on LoL now. So although I am solo q not ranked very high, I am actually playing with Platinum and Diamond people in a team. It is very fun and I am learning a lot. The team has coaches and a captain and a proper training plan for team and solo. As I don’t have as much time on my hand as most of my team mates, I actually had to make my own solo plan so I can keep up. So far it is working fine.

Also about LoL: I did the placement matches, winning 7 and losing 3 had me end up 2 divisions higher than last season but that doesn’t mean a lot because it is still Bronze. Bronze 1 yes, and I get a ton of LP when I win, then again, I just lost promo. You know, I feel so helpless in matches where I am doing well, winning my lane, roaming and helping out but my team starts arguing and that is how we lose. Look, I am not going to be upset about losing if everybody did their best. But if my team decides that chatting, blaming, flaming, and raging is suddenly more important than trying to win, I get upset. Especially in my promo series. I am always muting everybody but you know that they are chatting all the time when they stop randomly for no good reason all the time.

On the other hand, my coach and my actual team have helped me improve a lot lately. I am increasing my champion pool for ADC and support so recently I am concentrating on Graves a bit more but when I really want to win, I will still play Caitlyn. For Support I started practising Blitzcrank because no one expects him to be played much any more.

Birthday stuff:

So today I had my birthday and I am not a birthday person. I will be happy when actual friends say something nice but randomly at work, that’s not my thing. I prefer to be left alone to be honest.
But I guess ALL my co-workers really like me because this is what happened.
I come in and one of my co-workers sees me and is like “Oh, it’s your b…” and I am just “shhhh” so she respects this and everybody around me who noticed this also kept quiet.
Then team lead who was not around for this sees me and he is Spanish so for some reason (and I say this with a smile and wink) he is unable to talk quietly. Just the clichee, he is lovely though, great guy. He sees me and goes like this:
“OH LEEEELAAA IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY, NO?” *starts singing loudly*
Usually there isn’t much happening when he does that to others or anybody does something like that to someone who has their birthday. He and maybe 3 or 4 people around will sing as well.
But in this case, the whole floor (about 50 people) tune in and sing loudly.
Kinda surprising and sweet but I just really don’t enjoy being the centre of attention so this was very awkward.

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Gamescom, I’m coming!


On Wednesday I am flying to Germany to go to gamescom so right now I am just cleaning my place, emptying SD cards, charging batteries, packing, buying stuff, and so on.

I am happy to have a nice ending to my 2 week holiday. Today I noticed that my dark rings under my eyes are less dark and I feel generally more relaxed. Gamescom will be great, especially because I am going there with a completely free and chilled mind.

I travel light so everything that my husband and I are traveling with actually fits on a small armchair and we just bring that one travel-size backpack. Traveling light is good because we don’t have to carry a lot of stuff and moving around is much easier.

I will be meeting up with some people on Wednesday and Saturday and I will be attending gamescom on Thursday and Friday. So much time to stroll around, see all the new games that are coming out, maybe try some games.

Things that are on my list to check out at the gamescom:

  • Riot Games / League of Legends
  • Cosplay area
  • Minecraft
  • Nintendo

I am not sure what my husband wants to check out or try. We will probably stand in line a lot if we want to try a few new games. I know there is a great outdoor area where you can sit down and relax a bit.

Also the two free days will be great. Meeting people and doing some sightseeing.

We learnt from our last weekend-holiday and prepared more spending money this time. We prepared 100 Euro spending money per day and I hope that we will be fine this time. Last time we made it home with the last few euro in my pocket being spent on the bus from the airport to our house.


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AT lol ingame flamers

I am flaming the flamers now!

I usually see that I play in the middle of the night, so I don’t have to deal with raging teenagers but it’s summer holidays now so no dodging the kids for 2 months.

I play a match, that Wukong player starts flaming from minute 5 and doesn’t stop. I tell him to stop and just play. I explain that he misses opportunities every time he types in the chat (while I’m dead dead) but he keeps going.

He starts a surrender vote and of course we lose because by that time he had worn the whole team down.

I personally am no rager and I usually mute everybody instantly who annoys me. Just sometimes I think that calming people down will help. I am so naive, sorry…

So here, once and for all

@ all the ragers and flamers in LoL

You guys are assholes!


  • You drag down a whole team and YOU make the team lose by doing that.
  • You are in NO WAY more skilled then anybody else – quite the contrary, fucker!
  • Every time you call someone else a noob, you show that you will be stuck in Bronze 5 until you drop the game.
  • Every time you blame somebody else for your death, you show that you are mechanically unskilled.
  • Every time you shout “why u no ss?” you show that you have no fucking map awareness whatsoever
  • Every time you blame your support or jungler for any of your mistakes, you proof to the team that you are an asshole
  • You shout at everybody because you have no idea about this game
  • You go solo and force the rest of the team into impossible situations because you have to “split push”
  • You watch LCS thinking that you can do those cool things too but guess what, you are not XPeke or Dyrus or WildTurtle so no, you cannot do those cool things too.
  • You run around telling your team “build armour, they are only AD” when there are 3 AP champs in the enemy team.
  • You panic and rage ping the whole map making it impossible to listen to the few important pings.
  • You refuse to communicate when it’s important but you have the time to rage
  • You think this is an ego shooter and have to show how manly you are but guess what > it’s a team game. If you wanna play solo, play GTA or Fallout or something.
  • You stand at the shop for a whole minute?! Hey if shopping is so great, go play the Sims! Please, you are playing ranked, know what you want to buy – buy it – and go back into the game…
  • If you are so great, asshole, then why are you still in BronzefuckingFIVE? Tell me, oh you my guru.
  • If everybody else is a noob but you, then how comes you play in low elo? Ah sure, yes, I know, you are Korean Challenger and this is your smurf. Right right, sorry I forgot.
  • You start surrender votes after whining for 15 minutes but guess what, I will not press surrender, because FUCK YOU that’s why

I will report every single one of you fuckers because you suck the fun out of a game I love. I hope you get your sorry ass banned from every server of every game. Go play monopoly if you love raging so much.

I have a lot of patience. A LOT of it, I promise that. But at some point… when I see what type of games I lose, I get SO SO frustrated.

This is the type of game I lose:

People fight in champion select over the bans and the lanes. Then they fight over the champions picked. Then they force me into support because last pick. I have no problem playing support, I like it. I have a problem if my ADC is an idiot who can’t differentiate between me harassing the enemy and me engaging. I have a problem with my ADC not last hitting and not taking the few opportunities they get to poke. I have a problem when I am doing the best I can with zoning the fucking enemy so my fucking idiot ADC can farm in peace and then I see that he is still fucking outfarmed. Are you fucking serious?

I made a promise to myself. If I have to support and my ADC has less that 80 CS by 15 minutes, I will steal his fucking farm and build AP instead of support because someone needs to carry the fucking game and my ADC who doesn’t farm is of no use anyway. Fuck you, give me those minions, at least that gold is in good hands.And I swear, you dare flame me, I will leave your fucking botlane. Yo pro, go and deal with that shit alone instead of making me waste my time that could be used helping someone who can appreciate it.
Also PLEASE we are in Bronze, I don’t want to know how well you learnt some websites by heart. I don’t care what counters what in your opinion. Counter picking doesn’t ducking matter on this skill level. Play what you know well and you will win your lane, I promise. Stop counter picking just because someone tells you to. If you are shit at the counter you will lose your lane and you will feed.

I have time for about 3 matches per day. You know why? Because I have a job and I get home at 6:30pm so I get to play at 8pm unless other things need to be done. I want to have fun and I want to rank up. You assholes waste my time by making a whole team lose with your fucking flame.

Also, I play this for fun. I will not listen to your fucking flame and blame. I will not do what you say, and I will – in addition – build whatever I think fits the situation best. I will fucking carry myself out of this shit. And I will laugh at you when I am Gold 1. When I play my promo to Platinum and you are still in Bronze 5, calling everybody else a noob.

Grow up, you idiots.


Raging at the ragers outside the game feels good! I am done 🙂


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Interview with Riot Games

I applied at Riot Games because I really wanted to do that for a long time.

I didn’t do it earlier because there was a position open at my job which I would have loved. They had me in for an interview but in the end someone else got that job. So now was a good time to apply at Riot Games.

I love the game, I really do, and I heard a lot of positive things about Riot Games as employer.

I have my interview on Monday and am really excited about it.

As far as I know, you have to be successful in more than 1 interview with them. I heard different numbers of which 6 was the highest. I heard that there were people who made it into the the 6th interview, with the big boss in America, and then didn’t get the job in the end.

Well I hope I make it through all the interviews fine… But even if they don’t want to hear more from me after, I still feel kind of special. After all, they do get an overwhelming amount of applications in every day but picked me to have a talk.

Well wish me luck on Monday!

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LoL brainfucked


I got LoL start of season 3 or something like that. Not sure.

I played around up to level 20 or 21 and then I met people who would help me. They would help me by explaining some simple things to me. Those things stuck. (stuff about mechanics, theory, warding, etc).

So basically my brain is somewhere in gold but my skill is not. Of course not. I am not investing super super much time into the game. I play 2-4 matches per evening and only recently started to concentrate more on ranked.

The problem is that some people – well a lot of people – who play solo ranked with me are not gold in their brain. They are really bronze.
What do I mean by that?

  • Who in their right mind would win a teamfight and then go dragon instead of pushing a tower?
  • Who would concentrate on counterpicking in BRONZE instead of playing the champion you are actually good with?
  • Who would go kill wolves when there is a team fight right next to them in mid lane?
  • Who would keep saying “OMG my team is so bad” when they lost their lane as well.
  • Who would tell his team “Build armour they only have AD” when the enemy has two ap champions > one with a blue build (oh yea, blue build is confusing 😀 I forgot)

This and so much more is …
You know, now I am a very patient person and sometimes I actually try to reason. The trouble is the big ego of many people. Instead of listening and trying to learn, they will close their minds. And because they die in this match, they will get angry instead of trying to find out why they died so much.

So here a few tips:

  • When you die a lot aka feed, it is 99% your own fault that you died.
  • Check the minimap ALL THE TIME
  • Blame nobody but yourself, usually there is something you could have done better
  • Practice new champions in bot games or normals NOT IN RANKED
  • Don’t panic-ping the map. One or two pings for one issue is enough.
  • If somebody doesn’t do what you say, stop telling them what to do.
  • Don’t say “I mute you.” Just do it.
  • Don’t say “Report my team” That will get you reported (it is against the summoner’s coat!)
  • Take a moment to say “Thanks” to your Support for saving your ass.
  • Take a moment to say “Thanks” to your Jungler for ganking your lane.
  • Buy a ward!

These are just a few hints. I know I am bronze myself but how about leaving your ego behind, just like I have to do it. How about trying to learn, apply yourself, and stop being an arse.
No raging, blaming, or flaming will get you out of bronze. The only thing that can get you out of bronze is your own attitude.

I personally am working on it. My map awareness has gotten a lot better, I ping and usually listen to ping. I tend to make good calls when I play with bronze / silver players. When I play with anybody really high ranked, I tend to listen to them A LOT because they can actually teach me stuff.

One thing that I have been recently taught was looking at my own damage output and calculate that when I chase and such things. It is actually useful but I keep forgetting. It’ll get better but it’s just one of those pro tips that can help a lot during teamfights and so on.
I will keep getting tips and help and I will keep learning from my mistakes while a lot of the ragers will get stuck in the so-called “elo hell” that is just an excuse for lazy people.

So yeah, @ the ragers out there. Have fun staying down there in bronze, while I will start climbing that elo ladder. I’ll send you a postcard when I reach the top and you are still down there flaming your teams.

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Stuck in Bronze?


I play League of Legends as you know from my Gaming sub-site.
I love that game, sorry. I really really love that game. It’s very fun and I have a lot of nice people I can play it with.

Most of the people I play with are very high ranked. I am talking Platinum and Diamond ranks. Although playing with them can get frustrating at time, I learn a lot more with them than I learn when I play with people of my own rank.

I am currently in Bronze and I have a problem. I am losing my promo series all the time. This is how it happens. I don’t lose a single game until I am in series, and once I have my promo matches I start losing.

I have no fucking idea why I am always losing in my promo matches but it is getting frustrating.

Now I am playing support most of the time. As support I know exactly what I have to do. I know how to position myself, how to take care of my ADC and later on of my whole team. I like it. Mostly playing Soraka and Karma. They are great for supporting. I love it.
I also have a duo partner. He had a bit more time so he is in Silver 5 right now, while I am still in Bronze 4.
About two weeks ago I was Bronze 3 and on the way to Bronze 2. Suddenly I lost 3 games in a row, got demoted, and now I am so pissed.

I have been in series twice since. Once last week and once today. I lost my series again today. I am getting so frustrated.

What do I do to get better?
Watching pro guides and gameplay on streams and youtube. Watching LCS for fun too > Go Dyrus, Go Dyrus! 😀
Apart from that I enjoy learning from higher ranked players who take the time to invite me to games. I take the advice and I am really really trying hard to implement all of the advice and hints and tips I get.

My positioning and poking has sky rocketed since a friend took me under his wing and I feel more confident in team fights. Yes, I do get caught out of position sometimes. Shit happens. I am not raging > ever. I am not muting either because even the worst rager might sometimes say something important in the chat.
I ping and listen to pings. I know how to build and counter build.
Apart from Support I am also ok mid and top. The only position I really fail on is jungle and usually I don’t have to jungle because there are people who actually like to jungle.

I still lose. Well I only lose my promo matches… Does anybody know how that can be? Why is it only the promo matches? Really …


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Random gaming-stuff

So a few things happened in my gaming live 😀

League of Legends:
I won my series from Bronze 4 to 3. That’s good because I want to be Gold by end of July tops. I hope that this is possible. I have 2 people I play my ranked with. At least most of the time. I usually fail the solo games. Not really because I lack the skill, but I just really like to have someone on TS so we can joke about the flamers and keep our will to win up. I usually lose my will to win when I see a flamer. Even if I mute the flamers, I still see them pinging the map stupidly. The second problem. I see stuff that is going on and I ping or I write in the chat. A little warning “don’t go there” “don’t engage” but most people in this low elo are too proud and too over confident, so they will not listen. All I can do is try and do the right thing. BUT I main support. So I can’t just carry the game. I have to be where my team is even if I know it’s a stupid engage. I, as a support, can’t do a quick split push to have the enemy stop me from pushing or so. Supports are squishy and have no good potential to clear waves well.Now I personally have the mentality. If I see my ADC doesn’t listen, and does stupid things. I start building AP instead of support items because we usually need at least someone who can carry. As I play Soraka most of the time, building a tanky AP after the core support items is not problem. Soraka has a great wave clear if she builds some AP.

Shoutout to two people who I enjoy playing my ranked games with:
Triggerspar: Thanks! You keep explaining a lot of mechanics and theory to me while we play. It helps a lot!
Faryon86: Thanks! I enjoy playing with an ADC who is not doing stupid things all the time!!!

Dota 2:
I’ve tried Dota2 a few times. At some point a friend gave me a free game key for it. I didn’t like the game much. I fail so hard. The game is kind of confusing to me. One of the reasons is, I never see myself on the screen. The other reason is the game mechanics, that differ a lot from LoL. Some stuff takes a bit of time, so one can get used to it.
My co-worker plays Dota2 a lot and he took some time to explain the game to me a bit better. We went into a bot game and he explained all those little details to me, that make the game a bit less confusing. Like the shop systems and that carrier mule thing and a few other things.
I had fun but I don’t think I will stick with Dota2. It’s too serious for me. I just like to have some fun so I will stick with LoL.

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