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The pendulum and reincarnation


A bit of a ramble / wall of text >> My thoughts on the topic

A friend of mine used to have migrane attacks, really bad ones. At some point his dad came to his house with the pendulum. He kind of… swung out the whole place and found out that the bed was on an magnetic energetic cross which runs through the ground at that place. And when he moved the bed the migranes stopped.

Now my critical mind kicks in. Ok, magnetic waves maybe… Don’t know. But the pendulum? Hm. I used to be a witch. That was my religion and my life for a long long time. I used the pendulum back then and I believed in it a lot. But the more I brought it to the test, the more I dug deep on theory and physics etc, the less believable it became.
My friend, saying that “my dad holds his hands really still and he is not a liar either!” is not a reason to just believe this without looking any further.
For a fact I know that when I used the pendulum I was holding it very still too and I wasn’t lieing when I talked about the results. I believed what I said and I knew I wasn’t swinging that thing.
BUT you know how the tiniest movement, the kind that you can’t control, will make that pendulum swing? Holding it still isn’t enough. Stop the wind around you, stop cold and warm air move around you. Stop your veins from pulsating and so on. Yes, in the end, you hold it as still as you can but it will still swing. And the longer you try, the harder it will swing. Perpetuum mobile anybody? It’s kinda like that, not exactly but kinda.

But he kept talking. He said he had all those pains and feels weak so much. His sister is an alternative practitioner and she is doing all these fancy things like regressions and such.
In the esotheric context, just to explain, a regression means that you are being put into a trance like state and you will be able to go back in your memory to very early stages in your life. In theory they are also able to bring you back into a past life.
Now my friend said, with the most serious voice ever, that he would like to try this because maybe, his health problems root in a previous life and if so, if he knew that, he would at least know what to do now.
He said his sister found out that she was raped at a very young age that way.
I am not going to belittle the fact that his sister was raped. In fact I am somewhat confident that the regression worked in this matter. Because after all you are being carefully led back in this stage and you will be able to remember things. Simple psychology. She probably remembered it, which is not unlikely to happen. Many people remember it only once they are grown. Our brains work that way. Our brains block out stuff that we can’t deal with and once we are ready and wanna know, we can try and dig it out. I dug stuff out too by meditating a lot. Wouldn’t call it a regression but it helped me work out my problems and traumata.But I find it a bit far fetched to say, hey maybe I will go ahead and have a look in my previous life.

Why? Because this assumes that there was a previous life.
While I cannot prove or disprove the possibility of rebirth and such things, scientific research has not been able to prove it. I go with science, sorry. I can’t just believe stuff because it feels warm, fuzzy, and convenient.
Let me explain something to you.
Back in my witch-days I believed in reincarnation too. I actually knew of my past life in the 18-hundrets. I think 1860s or so. I knew that I was a man called Luke and that I had a beautiful girl and a little cottage. I was a soldier and owned a brown horse.
I knew all these details of my life, my age, my wife’s name, the colour of my house, what the road looked like, the field and the garden, etc…
But the more I researched and tried to prove reincarnation and souls and energies and nature in general, the less likely it all became. I remember this thing on youtube that I saw where they “weighed the soul” and came to the conclusion that the soul must weigh like 0.02 grams. I remember how I completely bought it until I learnt more about dead bodies and such things.

No, I can’t buy into this anymore, sorry.
I have this ugly habit of using my brain to be critical with weird assumptions. I like to check sources and research and physics and other things that are important for scientific research of things. I am not a scientist but I am not stupid. I can grasp most concepts of physic, biology, chemics, and so on.

It might feel good to believe in things like this but how much good does it do to believe in things just to feel good? Most of these believe systems come with a whole battery of negative stuff too. Over all it always ends up being really bad for the mind to believe in things and blocking your brains (through indoctrination) from asking the important questions:

Why? & How?

Yes, exactly, I can’t prove that these things do not exist but I don’t have the burden of proof. I believe in this stuff as much as I believe in the flying spagetti monster and the invisible pink unicorn.
The people who claim that a statement is true have to prove it, not the person who doesn’t believe it. The non-believer usually doesn’t claim that the statement is untrue, they simply don’t believe it. You want me to believe, you get to prove your point.

See how I get into this huge rant and ramble on forever about this? That’s exactly why I said nothing when my friend talked about it.

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This is the internet, get over it or get out:

1. No one fucking cares if you are offended. Did you die from being offended? Did anything serious happen to you after someone offended you? What are we? Fucking kindergarten? Grow a pair of balls wtf… Nothing happens if you are offended. It’s the fucking internet, guys. People say stuff. If it’s too offensive for you, get out. Does everybody need to be treated like a sensitive cute little flower now?

2. Christians may stop trying to silence me. Even on my own fucking facebook profile I mostly refrain from making any type of clear atheistic statements. Why? I have two friends on there, who will take it personal aka be offended. Since I am not a fucking prick, I try to be nice. I will stop being nice now because fuck you, that’s why. If you can share your fucking brainwashed bullshit to everybody on your friend list then so can I. Deal with it and if you are too much of a sensitive little flower, fucking un-friend me. I’m not going to stay quiet any longer.

3. Also, just saying, if my language or the words I use offend you because I use “bad words” than sucks to be you. I will say whatever I want, in real and online. No, society will dictate to me what kind of words are now being deemed unfit for public use. Especially as long as “dick” is beeped out but “man slaughter” is not.

4. If I block you in any online community, then that is my way of moving on and showing you the door. I will have a reason and even if you don’t accept that, I don’t fucking care. If you feel the need to rant on about me, making me look bad or whatever, just shows your true character and therefore > fuck you and I was right to block you. You are probably not worth any more of my time.


Happy Challenge Update

I will be honest here. I completely failed this challenge.
I cannot be happy 100 days in a row.
Not because my life sucks. Actually I have it pretty good compared to just a few years ago.
It’s more a general problem. I am naturally a pretty pessimistic person. My current job made this worse. As I mentioned before, in one of my previous posts, I am not well equipped for it. I can deal with my job but I can’t shield stuff away well. It does get to me pretty bad.
On top of my job ruining everything that is sweet and cute for me, I am also pretty much a social critic. So whenever I don’t get all the horrible images in my head, I have to think about our fucked up society where sharia law is enforced in certain places, where teenagers are bullied into suicide, and where old people can’t live off their pensions any more.

My brain never stops and I can’t make it stop.

So yea, I totally failed the happy challenge although I have a pretty nice live with a sweet husband, a good income, a flat, internet, and all these sweet things.

On a brighter side though:
I did have a nice easter time. Enjoyed the days off because I live in a catholic country. I ate too much, I watched movies, I cuddled with my honey, went out, and all the nice stuff. From time to time I was able to completely block my work out of my mind. That’s good and I am happy about it. Shame it doesn’t count into the challenge as I already failed it before easter.


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