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“Hitchens accepted Jesus”

So I stumbled over this article about Christopher Hitchens maybe having accepted Jesus before he died from cancer and I have a few things to say about this.

Disgusting sales strategy!

How dare you take a great man’s life work and the things he did in order to promote reason and logic, and twist it sickly into something that simply isn’t true?
Christians like to argue with “how do you know morality without religion?”
Well how is this morally acceptable at all? How about you start with yourself. If you have an actual argument, it will hold up without a famous name in it. If you count on the famous name to make your book sales and to win over more sheepish followers towards your faith, or in order to be able to boost your ego, then your argument is already worthless.
And it is especially disgusting, considering that the man is dead and can’t even speak out about this anymore.


Since when are hearsay, personal experience, and Amazon valid sources?
So in this article, one of the leading points that Christopher Hitchens has accepted religion / Jesus in the end was a powerful story about some apologetic’s HIV positive daughter. Yes, HIV is shocking diagnose and living with it, going through all the medical things, medicines, doctors, therapies etc. It requires a lot of strength and great medical professionals PLUS friends and family that stand by your side and catch you when you fall. I understand that her story, whatever the story was, might have been moving and powerful. But it is not a valid source and, as far as I can tell, also not a logical assumption that the claim of the article itself is true.

Manipulative phrasing!

The whole phrasing of the article already annoyed me from the get go. (this is a screenshot following. Find the link to the article in the end. Yellow marking is by me.)


It should be unnecessary to use all this emotional language, if you actually have a point. Because if you do have a point, if you are actually speaking something based on evidence and proof, you can show sources > trustworthy sources. How about Christopher Hitchens himself stating how he considers accepting Jesus, in a video. Just an idea, you know.

I don’t know who Mr Taunton is, but he is obviously lacking ethics, common sense, and moral based on the article there. I don’t know about that friendship or those road trips. But let’s, for the sake of the argument, consider that a fact. In that case, being friends and studying a book together, doesn’t make an acceptance of its truth a given. Did that make sense? If Mr Hitchens and Mr Taunton would have studied the Q’ran together, it would not mean that Mr Hitchens has no accepted Islam and Muhammad. If they would have studied freaking Harry Potter together, it would not have meant that Mr Hitchens now thinks he is a wizard and lives with muggles and that Harry Potter himself is the saviour.

This is the article:


Last thoughts:

Hitchens was a very logical and reasonable man with a wonderful sense of humour. He made great speeches, gave great talks, he wrote good books and was generally a very well educated man as far as it appeared to me. I am sorry that the world lost such a great mind and promoter of logic and reason!
I tip my fedora and bow: Great show sir! Good work! Rest in Peace!

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An Atheist Christmas

So I thought, especially for those people, who are still wondering, how an Atheist would celebrate Christmas if they don’t believe in God/Jesus.

Here is how my husband and I are doing it:

I got lucky this year and was able to take the whole Christmas week off. Even Thursday and Friday before, I was already off work.
I had started ordering the presents for my husband early to make sure that they will be here in time. The gifts arrived when I was home sick with a pretty bad lung infection. But I still wanted to go and pick them up so that is what I did.

Once I got off work I started decorating a little bit here and there. Got those candles where every Sunday towards Christmas you light one more. Got a tree and put some nice ornaments on it. The tree topper became a tree middler because it did not fit on the tip. Here is a picture:

Last Thursday (18th), we went to the Christmas market and had some fun, trying new things and looking at other things. Here are some pictures:

Then last Friday I started planning on what I wanted to bake in terms of cookies and other goodies. This past Monday I wanted to make a tricky type of cookie that did not come out as intended but it is still tasty. I had to run some ideas by my mom, who I bothered with baking questions and ideas via Facebook.

Saturday and Sunday I really just ran numbers to ensure we can afford everything and so on. Normal stuff when your pay comes in. Apart from that we were planning on how we would spend the week, when to cook what, when to do shopping, etc.
Just a normal weekend to be honest. Borrowed a guitar from a friend so I got to make some music. Also did a good amount of gaming and fell into bed at 2 am.

Monday we went out for a pint. My husband is studying some stuff and there is always a nice big meet-up when the term ends. So we went there and we went early because there was a lot of nice Christmas stuff in that town. Here are two pictures:

Tuesday I wanted to bake a little more but I got caught up in shopping for ingredients and cleaning up. So I only made one type of cookies. In the end of the day I just played a bit and then went to bed.

Wednesday I went completely nuts with the food preparation.
We have a little tradition, my man and I. One of the days surrounding Christmas, I will make my Christmas chicken, and one of those days he will make some kind of meat-filled cabbage rolls (traditional to where he comes from).
So I got up around 12 noon and set up two cookie doughs. It sounds more than it is because I just split the dough and put cocoa in one half. I then had egg whites left over from the day before and decided that I will make baiser (stiff whipped egg white with sugar in it, dried in the oven) from that. So I prepared it, put it in the oven, set a timer to 90 minutes, and went out to get a chicken.
Once back, I started to prepare the chicken and it was ready for the oven just when the baiser was done.
So the chicken went in and I had ground almonds at home so I decided to make marzipan. It is actually very easy so I did that. The marzipan has to rest for two hours so the flavours come out properly before you continue. So now I had two cookie doughs and the marzipan all in the bathroom (coldest room in the house) to rest, because my fridge was (and still is) so full that nothing else will fit in there.
The chicken took about 3 hours and came out delicious but here is the thing. The chicken went in at about 6pm so it was done around 9pm. That was one late dinner. I still had to clean that mess up and finish the cookies.
Of course the marzipan was done at some point so I could finish my little coated marzipan balls during the day, between brushing the chicken and cleaning the house.
But now it was almost 10pm and I wanted to finish those cookies. So I went to play, of course 😀 Around 11 I put the cookies in the oven and they were cold and glazed and dried by about 2pm.

Today, Christmas eve, yes we do Christmas eve on 24th in the evening.
Everything was just relaxed. Got up about 12 noon again and prepared some breakfast: Croissants, bacon, eggs. Messed up my waffle iron with the eggs because yes, I waffled the scrambled egg thing but it was too much egg so it came out on the sides. Took me forever to clean that mess up.
After that, I set up a nice platter with cookies and ginger bread and such nice things.
Here is a picture:
20151224_145548Played a little, listened to music. The husband started cooking his thing at some point and it was done around 7pm. I brought some to our friend and neighbour who declined an invitation for dinner because he is sick.
When the man stepped out of the flat for a few minutes to hack some portals (playing ingress) I had Santa come and put the presents under the tree. So once he came back, he wanted to have santa come and put presents under the tree too, so I was banned from the kitchen (“Don’t you have something to do in the bathroom?!”)
So we exchanged some pretty cool presents. Sadly I was not able to get the right size of the chef-jacket I got for him, so we will have to see what we do about that. I guess I will buy another one at a store in the city with him to come along and try it on.
I received parts for my Aiden Pearce cosplay and a Watchdogs bag.
After that, we set up our traditional “bed-picknick” to watch movies and do some coma eating:

So as you can see. Apart from all the religious parts missing, an Atheist Christmas is pretty much the same as Christmas in a religious family.
Music, tree, good food, family, friends, visiting the market, shopping, gifts, and lots of love.

Now to end this post even nicer, here is some very very nice Atheist Christmas Carol by Vienna Teng:

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Holiday season is knocking at the door


So Halloween is over, we see the shops preparing Christmas treats and decorations while Thanksgiving is coming closer. Autumn is showing us so many colours and how that slight tilt, that makes our planet wobble through the year, change the lenght of the day.

But while so many nice and beautiful things are happening due to the season and nature, now all the hatred and the fights are starting too.

People complain because it is not December yet but shops are selling Christmas stuff.
People complain that Starbucks has red holiday cups without pretty pictures on it.
Christians complain that people of different or no faith say “happy holiday” rather than “happy Christmas”.
People complain that it is getting cold and dark.

Isn’t it a shame, during such a nice time of the year, that everybody has to complain even more than usually? Why would you poison your own happiness and your own holiday and your own autumn? Why is it so important to you that the shops only sell Christmas things in December and that a Buddhist won’t say “Happy Christmas”?

The thing with the shops, for example, is very smart.
Families with low income can prepare in advance. Get some nice things, one at a time, two month in advance and still have nice holidays which they would not be able to afford if shops wouldn’t sell the stuff early. And the shops don’t miss out on any business either. It is a win win situation. I am one of the people who have to start buying Christmas stuff early. I bought Stollen and first decorations a month ago. I keep taking a piece of two every week because only this way I will be able to afford a nice Christmas.

And this brings me to the next point.

This question:
“If you are not religious, then why do you want Christmas off?”
Easy. First of all, if you get a day off, it is only fair for me to get one as well.

Apart from that, and as I mentioned last year in a post, Christmas is originally not a Christian holiday and it has been artificially moved to the 25th back then. It did not use to be there.
So what I celebrate on Christmas is completely different from you.
I celebrate nature, the circle of the year, the circle of life, the seasons, the fact that the days are getting longer again, Life itself, a time of warmth, a time of love and giving, a time of holding together and pulling through. It is a time where I recab the year. What have I accomplished and where do I want to go? What do I have to change in my life and what should stay they way it is? It is a time where nature shows us who is boss. It is a time of being humble and thoughtful.
It is a time of great food, of the most colourful decorations. A time of playing with light and candles. A time of doing things with your family. Baking, cooking, having long walks outside, going to the Christmas market, of smelling cinnamon and oranges, of seeing the nice decorations on people’s houses, of wonderful music and theatre.

Oh yes, I as an atheist have a lot to celebrate and yes, I want some time off as well, just like everybody else.

So this year, let’s try not to hate so much, how about that.

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My answers to condescending bullshit Atheist get to hear from Christians

I found this on my Facebook timeline today and I had a few giggles and now I want to answer to it 😀


#1: You know that phrase “you pray for me, I think for you”? 😀
#2: Still waiting
#3: Correct
#4: I am fine not knowing everything. I will not claim knowledge over things that can’t be proven though.
#5: So you must be an asshole if you need an external source in order to behave morally.
#6: Oh is that so?
#7: I do not believe in the concept of sin. What now?
#8: The fool says in his heart: “The earth is the centre of the universe!”
#9: I must be going through a fucking long phase then 😀 23 years and counting.
#10: I do not believe in the devil either, What now?

Here is the thing. I was babtized at 6 years old and my family made a big effort to raise me religiously from then on. And I bought into it because I was 6 years old. But the more my mom disagreed with certain things the church taught me, the less I bought into it. Until, when I was 9 years old, my dad explained that he is an Atheist because he does not believe in god. And I asked “Why?” And his answer was as simple as it can be: “Because there is no proof.”
And that is when I dropped it as well because it made sense. There is indeed no proof. And although, during those 3 religious years, I learnt a lot of things that were now deep in me (god the guy who sees everything I do, the devil, heaven, hell, sin, etc) I moved more and more away from Christianity. I would still go to church until I was 12 and by law allowed to chose religion for myself. And that is when I chose to leave church.

I bought into Witchcraft and it stayed that way for a very long time.

But I grew out of that too. Better late than never and I have been religion-clean for 7 years now. Feels great. A lot of weight and fear off my shoulders. No pressure to know about certain things any longer. Just an open mind and no shame in saying “I don’t know.”

I am an atheist and that is absolutely fine. And if someone has a problem with my lack of faith in anything, then they can go fuck themselves 🙂

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“Christian discrimination” on WWYD – No, you’re wrong!

So this segment has been online for about a week now and I wanted to write a blog post, but before I did that, I wanted to calm down and get my senses together.

So for those who don’t know this show. There is a show on American TV, called “What would you do?”. It usually shows you an every-day situation, that you might encounter but for the show you will have actors staging the situation. This usually happens in public places like restaurants or on the street. The focus is on the reactions of people who witness the staged situation.

In the case of the video “Christian discrimination”, as they call it on their YouTube channel, the set up is as follows:

A Christian family (actors) is praying over their meal in a restaurant. An atheist (also an actor) is interrupting them. The atheist in this scene is asking them to stop or to pray quietly, to take their religion home and practice it in privacy, etc. This atheist is acting as if anybody was doing her harm or bothering her while in reality, in this scene, the family is simply quietly praying.

Here is the problem:

Atheists are already being mistrusted and disliked. There is often so much hate towards atheists that those people who lost their faith have to be scared to lose their job, family, living situation, friends, and in some cases even their lives. If you are an outspoken atheist in America and a lot of other countries, you will be a social outcast in no time.
Atheists are fighting very hard to remove all the negative stigmata and to be accepted in society while mainly churches and extremist believers keep spreading bad messages and lies about atheism.

WWYD is a very popular show and people are in general gullible. So they are spreading the message that this is a normal, every-day situation, that the good Christians of the world may have to face.

But that is untrue. It depicts atheists as obnoxious people who can’t mind their own business.

Here is reality:

  • I know a lot of atheists and none of them, zero, would ever dare to act the way depicted in the video.
  • It is indeed religious people who keep imposing their faith on those who do not share their beliefs.
  • A lot of atheists fight hard for freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
  • Most atheists are for separation of state and church but will not try to remove religion from places where it is legal to practice faith.
  • No atheist I know, including myself, would ever impose their own lack of belief on to others.
  • No atheist I know, including myself, would ever ask anybody to stop practising their faith.
  • Christians are amongst the most annoying religious people, to knock at your door to spread the “good news” or to stop you on the street in order to preach to you. Atheists don’t do that at all.

I am a pretty laid back person and the only time, you will see me acting aggressively when it comes to religion, is when someone tries to convert me. As long as no one pushes their religion down my throat, I will be quiet and mind my own business.

What bothers me most is the lack of response of ABC and/or WWYD after thousands of atheists have responded to this segment in disgust. There has not been an official statement but I see more and more blogs posting about it and more and more atheist activists spreading this. Still no “sorry”, nothing.
Well WWYD is getting lots of clicks, it makes them money. And it is the media, so nothing is easier than to just ignore the angry crowd, right?

I personally have responded to the post they made on Facebook and I sent them a feedback to the show. For privacy reasons, I am not posting my comment, that I made on Facebook. But here is the feedback I provided to the show directly.


Now here a few links:

Feel free to discuss or comment or mail me. Also feel very free to provide feedback to the show itself.

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Here are some answers

A viewer who watches the Atheist Experience, sent some questions to the show. The hosts decided to publish the questions in order to get this person as much input as possible.

Here is mine:

1. Someone I know told me that the Old Testament doesn’t apply to us, not only because there is a new covenant, but also because God made those laws for a specific purpose, for example, selling off your daughter to her Rapist only applied to the people at the time. What should I say to that?
This is textbook cherry picking. If someone is a Christian, the bible is the foundation of their belief system. The bible has two testaments. If the old testament doesn’t apply because it was another time, then the same applies for the new testament.

2. He says evolution is discredited by the amount of genetic mutations that are negative instead of positive. I replied with the mutation that allows some people to drink milk is positive because it helped people back when food was scarce and also how most mutations don’t do anything, they’re neutral. Was that a good reply and how is his argument true or false?
I am unsure as to what exactly he meant. But evolution is just a huge line of genetic mutations. Some of those mutations got whole species extinct because they didn’t work out. Not sure how any type of mutation could discredit evolution. I am also not sure how you’d make a distinction between a positive and a negative one.

3. People claim the bible is scientific but the story of Noah’s ark is in there? What other stories show that the bible is as scientific as Harry Potter.
* Jonah and the big fish (oh don’t you dare talking about a whale 😀 )
* Virgin Mary or not depending on the gospel
* The resurrection being told in different ways depending on the gospel
* Original sin (talking snake with legs, hello?)
* A woman being made out of the rib of a man
* Making wine from water
…. etc ….
The bible is full of these treasures

4. How do I explain to those who don’t understand about how “information” cannot exceed the speed of light and how DNA isn’t a written set of instruction that the way most would think of it?
We do not know if there is a way to exceed the speed of light. Just because science hasn’t seen or found it yet, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I would never make a claim like that.
DNA > Take some lego blocks and build a tiny tower. Then explain how this is like DNA having certain components that fit together. If more explanation is needed, you can totally dive into biology, take out a 5th graders textbook and check it out with that person.

5. Why is Theistic Evolution wrong or unreasonable? I may have gotten the name wrong but a friend of mine says theistic evolution is evolution but with divine intervention behind it all.
Theistic Evolution starts with the assumption that “God did it” and as a reasonable person, this should never be the first assumpion. They only do theistic evolution anyway because there is too much evidence supporting evolution to keep telling people that it is not true. The fact that we do not know what exactly made evolution start etc doesn’t mean that this knowledge gab needs to be filled with “God did it”. It should be filled with curiousity instead.

6. My friend crashed in a plane recently and he was unscathed. Now all the uber christian kids at my school keep saying Jesus saved him, but for me I ask why he didn’t prevent the crash in the first place. Then they say Jesus doesn’t check planes before they take off. I know this is a subject that hits the emotions, but how do I convince the crash wasn’t divine but instead was a lucky crash?
So how was this divine for those who got injured or died in the crash. How was it divine for the owner of the plane who lost a lot of money and reputation there? How was it divine for everybody surviving the crash, who will now probably have to deal with trauma? It is a great thing that the friend survived, but that does not mean that a higher being hand picked him. It simply means he survived. It would be a morally very misguided Jesus, who preaches in the bible to love everybody, but then let’s a crash happen, causing a lot of pain just to hand pick one person. Could he not just given one of those signs, enlightenments, etc without the whole drama?

7. Would finding how life forms can arise from inanimate organisms not just disprove but destroy any religious claims to creation? Also what would you think the response to new extraterrestrial life being discovered? Hement Mehta believes this would be a huge blow to organized religion.
There are forms of belief based on “Extraterestrials have visited earth so and so long ago. They were Gods and then they left earth…”
You can find that on History Channel a lot. So that part is not a good argumetn against religion or gods.
If a scientist would be able to create life from inanimate parts, then the next step would be that the scientific community retests this over and over again. If it really worked, it would not disprove a god though. It would probably be a great argument for a believer that someone in the beginning must have done something like that. The fact that there are strong forces in the galaxy that can probably do that, wouldn’t count anymore at that point.

8. Many creationists claim that the odds of humanity coming to be is so improbable. I was thinking before I slept the other day about a new idea(which probably was thought of already because it’s simple). I call it the argument from hindsight. Is this a thing(argument from hindsight)? Is easy to say it must be hard to get to where we are now, but that because we’re looking back. How many Martians are saying this? None because there isn’t anyone to look back at what needs to occur for life.
It is very improbably indeed but it turned out this way anyway. Humanity had billions of years to arise from simple one-celled life forms into more and more complex beings. At some point something humanoid came out of it and it kept evolving to what we are nowadays. This stuff doesn’t happen within 20 years or any timespan that one single person could observe. The time frame is too big so we rely on fossil records and such things. Those records that we rely on, to understand how humanity came to be, are pretty clear.

I am not a scientist, just a normal freethinking person that tries to help out.
If you actually got to read this and wanna keep talking, feel free to drop me a comment.

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“Religious Freedom Restoration”

The newly signed law in Indiana (USA) has received a lot of attention and negative feedback and the more I read about it, the more I feel that the critics are right.

So what I understand, the state wants to make sure that businesses are not excluded from the whole religious freedom thing going on over in the US. So they put this law in place.

Yea on one hand, I understand that it can come in handy. Especially if you actually have a business and you only want to hire people with the same set of believes. I don’t care, so be it. If I owned a business, I would like to have the right to pick and chose my employees using my own criteria. And if one of those criteria is the religion, fine. Whatever. Call me ignorant.

But I feel that this was not the intend. There were two lawsuits just recently-ish, where a florist and a bakery refused service to gay couples BECAUSE the couples were gay and the business owners rejected them based on their Christian believes. How handy to make a law like this right now.
And the feat that the LGBT community voices about this new law is absolutely valid and legit.

If you own a business that serves the public, refusing service to people who do something that your religion doesn’t like, is not ok. This would be discrimination and actually not exercising your religious freedom. Your religious freedom ends where you start discriminating against other people based on your or their belief.

Religious freedom also means freedom from religion because I am free to not share your beliefs and you should not have a law on your side that says “either you share my religion or I may refuse you service”.

No one can tell me that this is not what this law intended. America is very big on religion and freedom but both is conditional. Your religion is fine as long as it is Christianity and your freedom is granted as long as you are not a critical thinker. Don’t question, don’t ask, and especially not when it comes to religion.

Now for those who are still ignorant and don’t get the connection between LGBT issues and religious freedom, let me spell it out for you.
Christian and Muslim dogma says that being gay is a sin punishable by death. Basically their holy books say that and how it is being practised is this: As long as you are not straight, you live in sin.
So if I am a Christian business, I do not have to serve a sinner (for example and very concentrated on LGBT people).

I was very happy when I heard of this big outcry. And Pence’s clarification about the intend does not matter at all. The intend doesn’t matter because business owners and lawyers are dirty. They take the word, written in the law and twist it to their needs. Fuck intend, be fair and take religion the fuck out of business and state affairs. Fuck you Pence!

My respects to big companies speaking out against this bullshit law:

The CEO of Apple:

Angie’s List


And here a nice song that I just had to put here because it fits so well. Enjoy!

Lily Allen – Fuck you (very much)

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