I am very much into gaming. Although I am not playing a whole lot of games, I obsess about a few and play other games on the side.

The games I obsess about are League of Legends Minecraft FTB and Ingress.
The games I currently play every once in a while are osu! and Watchdogs.
I have more stuff installed and I played other games in the past. But usually I am not very much up to date with the new games that are coming out. I also don’t play any shooters like Battlefield or Counterstrike or Warframe. Just not very much my type of game.

My Youtube channel:
My Twitch channel:
Wyrm Gnosis (Hi XaR!):

League of Legends:
I started in Season 2 but wasn’t very active. Quite honestly the game annoyed the fuck out of me. Picked it back up at the end of season 2 and started being more active in season 3. At that point I had joined a clan and was quickly ranked up to clan leader. After a few changes I am now in a different gaming community (see link above “Wyrm Gnosis”). I reached lvl 30 and decided to concentrate on playing ADC because it was most fun for me. Problem, I used to play on locked camera so dodging skill shots was next to impossible like that.
Ending Season 3 with Bronze 4  was a bit frustrating because at that point I knew I could do better. I started concentrating more on support because I had more fun with it and I was way better with it.
During season 4 I went back to playing ADC and in the relative end of season 4 I joined a team that will now, in season 5, go competitive. I ended season 4 with with Bronze 3 due to me never playing solo ranked.
After my placement matches (6 wins and 4 losses) I started season 5 with Bronze 1 end ended in Silver 4. Again my problem is that I don’t play ranked much. We will see with the new ranked system, maybe I get to play more ranked.

My main champions:
ADC: Caitlyn, Kindred
Supp: Braum
Mid: ChoGath? Teemo?
Top: ChoGath, Wukong
Jungle: Kindred, Shaco

Playing FTB on a friend’s server. Building things, having fun.

Currently working towards lvl 8. Playing with the Enlightened.
Having fun getting badges, questing at the cemetry, and all.
Was at my first Meet&Greet of the local ingress players.
Big shoutout to gardenboy: You rock, man!


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