Here I want to give those people a shout out who mean the most to me!

Sometimes “family” doesn’t mean that you share genes with a person. It means that you feel very connected and love those people. It means that you care for those people more than you would care for a normal friend. This is my family.

You are the best man on this planet. I love you. You are the most empathic and caring person I have ever met. As much as I can count on you, I am always there for you. You are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Stay who you are!

You are my internet son. I care about you – a lot. You might not realize how much. You are probably the most relaxed person I know. You can always count on me. If anybody dares to hurt you, be sure I’ll be there to catch you. Please stay who you are!


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