Keeping it short:

1. Although I am not a fan of censorship, I am not going to approve comments that are obvious troll or flame comments. This blog is a no drama zone!
2. I will also not approve any comments that show, say, or link to anything illegal.
3. Although I am checking all outgoing links, I am not taking any responsibility for the content of linked websites. The owners of the websites are responsible for their content.
4. If you are a minor: You should check with your parents, if this blog is age appropriate for you.
5. If you are a parent: It is your responsibility to monitor your children’s activity on the internet. If you fail to do so, and they read things here that you did not want them to read, then you failed to monitor your children; not my failure forgetting to make sure my posts are appropriate for your kids.
6. There will be political, religious, and atheistic edge topics on this blog. If you fail to click away when you get upset, that’s not my concern. At this point, please make sure that you read number 1 and 2 in this disclaimer.


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