About Leela

Hi you, on the other side of the internet.

This blog is just to share my thoughts on certain topics. Some of those topics are new, some are old, some are so old they are growing a white beard by now. But you know what, sometimes one just needs to vent. Sometimes one needs input from others or just know that you are not the only one with a particular view on things. Sometimes one needs to know they are not alone and sometimes one needs to be told that they are wrong.
That’s what this blog is for.

A little profile of myself:

Name: Leela
Age: 32
Hobbies: Writing, Gaming, Travelling
Religion: Dudeism (ordained priest)
Favourite things:
>> Food: Tuna Salad, Pizza
>> Drink: Tea, Water
>> Colour: Brown, Green
>> Musical: Grease, Rocky Horror Picture Show
>> Song: Objects in the rear view mirror…
>> Game: League of Legends, Ingress



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