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02 Mar

So I have recently handed in my resignation and from that moment on, I felt energized. All the pressure from this work has fallen off me.


For now, I have an ever-growing backlog that I cannot work off but you know what, as sorry as I am for those staying in that place, those who will have to work off anything I leave behind, I just cannot give a flying fuck about it. Just really no fucks given whatsoever.


I am counting my days down: 13 work days to go, not even 3 weeks any more.

I will make a big, detailed post about the company and what is going on and why it broke me so fast. But I will make that post, once I left the company, so that it won’t bite me in the ass. I have to make it, so I get closure and can move on.

Other than being super salty about work but super hyped that I get my old job back?

I currently plan several trips around Ireland as a birthday present for my husband and I. Usually we celebrate together because our birthdays are very close together. I want to show him Galway, Aran Islands, Rock of Cashel, and the Cliffs of Moher.
I will have one week off, and I hope that we can do this financially. I count on getting some money back from health insurance, and also my tax money back.

With all this new energy I found, I also finally know something I want to study and upon my husband’s request, will trial a website that he suggested. I forgot the name but apparently it has tons of courses available and it is a monthly subscription but pretty much All-You-Can-Eat when it comes to the courses.
I want to go for camera man, film making, movie editing, etc. All these things. It is very interesting to me and I want to become good at it.
After that I would like to go for some media things, whatever I can find.
I will also pick my Swedish studies back up because it is so fun to learn Swedish but before I quit, I had lost all my will and energy to do anything.

Right now I am busy with my gaming community as we are re-launching the website with a lot of changes. And we are working hard on keeping our deadline on Friday.
Today, after work, I have done nothing but plan things, write stuff, and plan more things. We should be ready by Friday.

Also leaving the LARP I currently play in because the ST team sucks. The game itself is a great idea, non-combat, a political game. But I am just not happy with how the game is being managed.

Instead, I am currently working out a great idea for my first own LARP that I will run with a friend of mine. It will be based on a novel I am currently reading. We already did some brain storming and are pretty much on the same page with everything. We just need some time now, to work everything out.

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