Just a number

21 Jan

Hi there, I am a number and you are too.

Well maybe more a mixture of different numbers.

I have been thinking for a while and for some reason it is just that.

We are all just numbers on papers and neat excel sheets. We are numbers in private live and at work. We are numbers and it is getting annoying that it seems that only those numbers count in my life.

Privately, this is what I am:

  • I am 31 years old.
  • I was born in 1984
  • I am 1.75m tall
  • I weigh in at 94.3 kg after losing 10 kg
  • Currently I eat 1300 kcal a day
  • I eat 2 meal replacements, 3 snacks, and 1 home cooked meal per day
  • My dinner consists of max 600 kcal
  • I sleep 6-7 hours a day on weekdays
  • I sleep 10 hours a day on weekends and holidays
  • In 2015 I spent about 2000 Euro on vacation (I went on one expensive and one cheap vacation)
  • In 2016 I have been depressed once for 3 days so far
  • I own 2 pairs of shoes
  • My rent is 800 Euro a month
  • My phone contract plus rate is 53 Euro a month
  • I pay 10 Euro electricity per week

This is me in LoL:

  • My CS is 60-80 by 10 min
  • All the items bought in a game mount up to roughly 11k gold
  • I play with 4 team mates
  • I play against 5 players
  • Each normal minion wave has 6 minions
  • I want to kill 5 dragons per game
  • I  kill 1 baron per game
  • I  get 2 red buffs a game when playing ADC
  • I have 3 stealth wards up at a time when playing support
  • I have 1 pink ward up at all times

This is me professionally:

  • I take 10 – 20 calls from customers per day
  • I call back average 5 customers a day
  • I have received 3 dsats in 6 months (that is a low number btw)
  • I close 20 – 28 tickets per week (above target)
  • I open and forward aprox 10 – 20 technical tickets a week
  • My average handling time on the phone is 7 min and 23 seconds which is 17 seconds better than target.
  • I spend 2 hours a day commuting to and from work
  • I have 20 days of PTO per year
  • I work 40 hours a week

So you see what I mean?

Yes you are more than numbers, but for some reason we do tend to define ourselves and others by a lot of bullshit numbers, or not? Are they not a little bit bullshit?

How about seeing the person as a whole and maybe sometimes take a step back from the numbers. And this counts for normal everyday interactions in private life as much as for the professional world.

I get it. Sometimes numbers are needed. Especially in specific lines of work. But there is a healthy and an unhealthy amount of focus on the numbers.

For all the managers out there (and one in particular, let’s call him “J”):
How about the realisation that behind that mountain of numbers, there are real people. Those real people have real lives, desires, and abilities outside of the number you attach to them. And little hint: The more un-needed pressure you put on them, the more frequently they will get sick. That is a fact. Sick people can’t perform and training new people is costly. You are damaging yourself 😉

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