The Wishlist

12 Jan

So the new year has begun and I have a wishlist.

Really no new year’s resolutions because I always fail mine and I am sure a lot of you have the same problem.

In reality I have very hopeful and maybe even realistic wishes.

One example for a wishlist is the one that my husband and I made for the ideal flat that we want to find this year:


But there are other things I would like. And here is my little wishlist for the year:

  • Lose another 15 kilo (already lost 9)
  • Leave either the department or find a new job
  • Learn Swedish better
  • Become Gold in LoL
  • Cosplay Aiden Pearse
  • Get my youtube going
  • Look into online marketing
  • Improve video editing skills
  • Become Level 13 at Ingress
  • Write LARP for Leprecon
  • Write RPG for friends and I
  • Start bi-weekly game-and-coma-eating-nights again (once we have a new flat)
  • Calculate what building a house costs (all in all) versus comparable house ready to buy
  • Keep breathing

That being said, have a great 20016 and may all the wishes on your wishlist come true! 

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