Being an Ex-Vegan

03 Jan

So recently, while looking for recipes on YouTube, I stumbled upon some vegan videos. And some of them hit me very hard because the vegans in those videos were so hard-core world saving judgemental preachers.

All these inclination that everything non-vegan is unhealthy, horrible, ethically unacceptable, and deadly.

A few examples of statements by such vegans without name shaming:

  • Calling fresh meat, sold in a supermarket “rotting animal corpse”
  • Stating that the anti baby pill is deadly
  • Stating that condoms are not vegan
  • Saying that everybody who eats meat is ignorant
  • Calling someone who is vegan for a non-ethical reason not a “real vegan”
  • Calling vegans who allow themselves a cheat day or cheat meal not “real vegans”

And then there are Ex-Vegans who stopped with these eating habits who will explain how all the problems they faced are due to their vegan life style. Like deficiencies, feeling unfit, cravings, disorders, etc.

So I saw this video just a few minutes ago. “A Vegan’s Take on Ex-Vegans” and at first I expected to get angry. I thought she would be another one of those obnoxious idiots. But it turned out that she was a very reasonable person with very good points. I linked the video below so you can watch it if you want.

Here is my take on the Ex-Vegan “thing” and why I am not vegan any more:

I never decided to be a vegan. I had been a vegetarian for about 4 years when I moved into my first own place and finally I had internet. I had been a vegetarian because honestly, I just don’t like the taste of meat too much. I also always disliked the way animals were treated. Those two things combined just got me to not eating meat. I include all animals in the category meat. So therefore birds, fish, and seafood are meat in my book.
At the time I would still eat Eggs, things with gelatine, soup stock, etc.

Once I moved, as I said, I finally had internet. So this was one of things I started looking into a bit more. This combined with the fact that naturally I was buying almost exclusively plant based foods. The only animal product, when it comes to food, that I ever bought, were eggs from the local farmer who came to my block with his truck once a week.

I also had two cats and they received a meat-based diet of course. They got the cat food from the supermarket, they got some nice pieces from the butcher as a treat, they got a bit of white yoghurt once in a while, etc.
And after having read articles today, that there are vegans out there, who feed their carnivores a vegan diet:
You are irresponsible assholes. Do your fucking research before getting a pet. A carnivore who does not get meat will die. And you will be the reason. Get a rabbit or gunieapig, you fucking idiot!
You cannot argue with how humans deal with cutting out on meat because humans have a different physique and they are omnivores. Humans evolved to eat everything including meat so they are usually fine, cutting out meat.

Now in my case, as I was buying plant based foods anyway, it was no big step for me to commit to a vegan lifestyle. Because I did not want to support any animal cruelty, I cut out everything that, to my knowledge, kills animals. Therefore I started reading labels and would cut out certain soup stocks, certain jellies (because gelatin), and so on. I also stopped looking at leather and fur products (real stuff). If I wanted the look, I was going for faux leather.

On this eating style I was very healthy. I knew exactly what my body needs and how to provide those nutrients through a vegan “diet”. But, as you might have figured, I was not a health nut, I was not involved in any movement, forum, or so. I was also not an activist and did not feel the need to “educate” everybody. I just lived it. When I was visiting people, I would tell them that I am vegetarian (as vegan was not a big known thing at the time) and I would stick to the things I deemed “save”. In restaurants I would ask if there are animal products in a meal. For example in a sauce or so and usually the chef would always be so nice to make me a sauce that would suit me.
But I continued consuming products that don’t kill and I would consume them from local farmers. For example eggs or honey. I bought these products only directly from the farmer and not in a supermarket. This way I knew that no animal suffered for it.

But why did I stop at some point?

Well I was at a very low point in my life and someone had offered to take me in. They offered me to help me in different ways and I took the offer. They knew I was a “vegetarian” and ensured me that they would be fine to provide me with food that is suitable for me. And they actually lived up to this but the fact that this always caused more work (cooking two meals, shopping for them got more complicated, cleaning up after all the cooking, checking back with me all the time) I felt like my choice was asking too much of the good people who took me in. I did not want to cause all this trouble that no one complained about but that was very obvious.
So one day we went to the city and we got to one of those hot dog stands or whatever sausages they had there. I was hungry anyway and I said, “Let’s go and buy a sausage, I wanna try.” And we talked it through. I said “It’s fine. I wanna see if I can still have it.” blabla etc. In my mind I just wanted to find out what my body will say to a meat product.
Let’s just keep in mind that at this point I had not eaten any meat for the past 8 years.
20 Minutes after eating the sausage I started to feel very bloated and gassy. An hour after eating the sausage I started being in so much pain that I did not know how to lay down for it to hurt less.
But my mind was set. I wanted things to be less complicated with these good people who took me in. So I carefully brought meat back into my diet until at some point it caused no problems any longer.

This was 6 years ago and I am not living with these people any more.

So why still eat meat?

Well I found my love while living there. And leaving those people, I moved in right with my love (who is now my husband). He is not just a meat eater, he is a meat lover. His whole family branch strives on meat. He can do without but he will feel very unwell, no matter how good the “un-meaty” food, you provide, is. It can be tasty and provide all the nutrients to him and he can love it but he will feel unwell after a short time.
In addition, because I asked him at some point, he also doesn’t deal well with processed soy products. (Which was proven multiple times when he had it anyway because it is tasty. Soon after he would have to spend hours on the toilet.) So the amount of food needed in his case to make up for the missing high value proteins, would be crazy. I cannot afford that, sorry. I can also not afford to buy properly for two different food-styles. I do not have the space to store everything I would need and everything he needs. And I also don’t have the time to cook for both every day if it has to be one vegan and one omnivore.

I still don’t eat a lot of meat and the few times I prepare it, I handle it with care and respect. It is the least I can do. My mindset is still vegan, if that makes any sense.

The one thing that gives me hope, is the fact that we started managing our money a little differently now. So each of us gets their own amount of money per week to shop for foods. So that is making things easier because I don’t have to worry about shopping for him any more. And I do actually not buy any meat or things that kill animals.
Now I will be going on the Slimfast diet and that will have me buy even less. I can cut out on proteins for the time being because they will be provided by the meal replacements. And in the evening I can indulge in rice with veggies, smoothies, salads, and all those fine things 😀

So knowing how there can be so many reason why someone might stop being a vegan (and usually none of them ignorance), it really pisses me off to be judged by those 18 year old kiddies who don’t know real life yet but have to convert the world to what is the best thing ever in their opinion. They generalize, provide half-truth, do not research their stuff properly, and still think they know it all. Really annoying.

So that was my take on this whole topic.

Here is the video I talked about earlier, as promised.

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