That daily callcenter struggle

07 Nov

Everybody who has ever worked especially a later shift in a callcenter knows this feeling:

You are basically hovering with your mouse pointer over the button to sign off from the phone lines. I mean yes, you will do that always close to the end of your shift, but if you have the last shift of the day, you will have this urge to sign yourself off the phone lines five minutes early just so you do not have to deal with anybody past closing time.

So currently I am on that last shift of the day. Generally I like that. The last hour of the day is the least busy as here in Ireland I am an hour behind the language market I support. So most of the time I have maybe one or two calls during that last hour and can just relax. Nice way to get into the evening.

So this past Friday, I had this same thing. Basically hovering with the mouse over the sign off. Five minutes before weekend I get a call. I am hoping “Oh please let this be a quick thing!”
Guy says that he is standing in his server center and has problems signing in to our website.
My thought: “YESSS an IT guy, easy. Log in problem, easy!”

Here is the conversation:

Me: You are on your computer right now, yes?
Guy: Yes, I am.
Me: Good. Please get on our website
Guy: *starts spelling out very slowly while typing the website but forgetting the dot in the middle*
Me: *hears the missing dot* www. XYZ  DOT   XYZ . com
Guy: I am there *reads me an error I know
Me: You forgot the dot. Please write the web adress as I say www. XYZ  DOT   XYZ . com
Guy: Yes. I am there now. Translate to German….. *clicks* I am on Google now.
Me: *facepalming slightly, checking the time, one minute to go, omg please just do what I say, man* Sir, please write the website again and don’t translate to German this time. I will tell you exactly where to click and what to write.
Guy: Ok. *does it*
Me: At “username” write your email address.
Guy: *Slowly spells out the email while typing* Yes. Password?
Me: If you don’t know your password, please request a new one. Click on “Forgot your password”
Guy: *does it* Email?
Me: Yes, write it please.
Guy: Reset *clicks* Confirm?
Me: Yes please.
Guy: There is no password.
Me: Please give it a minute.
Guy: There is no password!
Me: *thinking maybe it didn’t work* Ok, let me reset it for you in my system *I do that* Ok I reset it now. Can you check your email please?
Guy: Oh? I have no outlook here.
Me: Ok. *facepalm again* Can you please go to a computer where you can access your emails?
Guy: But I am in the server center, there is no outlook here. Can you tell me the password?
Me: Yes I understand. I cannot see your password, I can only reset it. It should be in your email inbox.
Guy: So I need to go upstairs now to the other computer?
Me: Yes sir. Please do that and check if you received your password.
Guy: Ok I will do that now and if I didn’t receive it, I can call again right?
Me: Yes, of course.

Ok so….

How for fucks sake can a person, who does not even know that after resetting a password, you receive instructions via email, how how can this person be a fucking server administrator????

They fired the real IT guys and because the janitor knows how to operate a light switch, they took him for the servers??? Honestly…

And such people are paid double what I earn you know… What the fuck….

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