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My new job

So three weeks ago I started a new job. I like jobs in customer service so that was what I applied for and what I got.

During the past 5 years I had a very unstable work situation because I was contracting and freelancing. But I felt like I am now ready to settle.
Naturally, I am not a person that stays somewhere for too long so I wanted to make sure that I find my piece before I take on a fixed job that I might keep for many years.

This point has arrived. I want to stay in this country, in this city, I want to start a family, have a kid, a dog, a house. All the boring stuff lol. In general, I just want a nice little secure live with a few pleasures, travels, games, and so on.

My new job is perfect for all that. The company enables the employees wherever it can. Women get a lot of benefits when they get pregnant so I am not afraid of that any longer. I get private health ensurance and my company pays it. I also get a lot of other benefits like cheap phone contracts, cheap gym memberships, free glasses should I ever need any.

And on top of all that, this is the first customer service job where the quality of my service is more important than the quantity of people I “help”.
I am being encouraged to take time, to really solve a problem, to make the customer happy. The targets are relatively low as per my previous experience but the pay is pretty decent.
Everybody is respectful and friendly. I finally feel like I am a valued team member.

This is as opposed to my previous jobs. I tend to work my ass off but no one ever recognizes the work I deliver. Did you hit your numbers? Good. Did you exceed your targets? Cool, this will be your new target.
But here you just come, you work, you do your best, and in the evening you go home and you feel good. And in the morning you don’t have this little voice in the back of your head that says “Another fucking day… great.”

I hope I can stay, although I am completely uninterested in the product that I am supporting, the job itself and the company are great.

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