Some people are SO annoying

17 Jul

I have a gaming community. This community has a forum. On that forum I am the top poster. I really write a lot as I have a lot to say.

If you have ever had a conversation with me, either on a forum, a chat, or voicechat, you know that I am an honest person and always willing to change my mind when new info is presented to me as long as it makes sense.
Ergo: Me = reasonable person because you can reason with me. Makes sense so far?

As I have been on the mighty inter-webs for a while now, I learnt when to shut up. Part of that is, when I announce that I consider a conversation as over, I will not reply there again, no matter what anybody says after that point.
I will say that I am done with a conversation usually after everything has been addressed clearly and there is simply nothing to add.

So why do people, after such an announcement, and when there is REALLY nothing to add to the topic any more, still have to try to get another answer?

Here is an example:

I was in a conversation with a group of people about an edge topic (in this abortion and the term “pro choice”). And in this conversation I stated that I agree on the points made but that I do not like to use the exact terminology. I gave a clear explanation on why that is and answered when someone still had a question.
Turns out that someone is either stupid, very closed minded, or trying to drag the conversation on – no matter the cost. (In this case I can safely exclude trolling). This person, although on the same side of the argument, chose to interpret stuff into my posts that I did not write at all. And at the same type she was very passive aggressive for no good reason other than her not liking that I don’t use the term “pro choice” on myself, which in all fairness is none of her business. If she wants to use it for herself, so shall she do it but why push it down my throat?
So I stated that I consider the conversation with that specific person as over because I was very clear and have nothing to add.
And 2 seconds later that person answers and wants a reply from me.

So I sit here, completely dumbfounded, as no one else in that conversation acted that idiotic. Of course I don’t reply again because that would make me the idiot, right…

Still this type of people is so annoying with the passive aggression and this complete stubborn…nes to ever try and understand a point made. No one has to agree on everything, but at least honestly trying to understand something… Is that asked too much?

I am always a bit split between saying what I think and risking this type of bullshit conversation or deciding to just not saying anything to avoid the unnecessary drama.

People suck…

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