“Religious Freedom Restoration”

29 Mar

The newly signed law in Indiana (USA) has received a lot of attention and negative feedback and the more I read about it, the more I feel that the critics are right.

So what I understand, the state wants to make sure that businesses are not excluded from the whole religious freedom thing going on over in the US. So they put this law in place.

Yea on one hand, I understand that it can come in handy. Especially if you actually have a business and you only want to hire people with the same set of believes. I don’t care, so be it. If I owned a business, I would like to have the right to pick and chose my employees using my own criteria. And if one of those criteria is the religion, fine. Whatever. Call me ignorant.

But I feel that this was not the intend. There were two lawsuits just recently-ish, where a florist and a bakery refused service to gay couples BECAUSE the couples were gay and the business owners rejected them based on their Christian believes. How handy to make a law like this right now.
And the feat that the LGBT community voices about this new law is absolutely valid and legit.

If you own a business that serves the public, refusing service to people who do something that your religion doesn’t like, is not ok. This would be discrimination and actually not exercising your religious freedom. Your religious freedom ends where you start discriminating against other people based on your or their belief.

Religious freedom also means freedom from religion because I am free to not share your beliefs and you should not have a law on your side that says “either you share my religion or I may refuse you service”.

No one can tell me that this is not what this law intended. America is very big on religion and freedom but both is conditional. Your religion is fine as long as it is Christianity and your freedom is granted as long as you are not a critical thinker. Don’t question, don’t ask, and especially not when it comes to religion.

Now for those who are still ignorant and don’t get the connection between LGBT issues and religious freedom, let me spell it out for you.
Christian and Muslim dogma says that being gay is a sin punishable by death. Basically their holy books say that and how it is being practised is this: As long as you are not straight, you live in sin.
So if I am a Christian business, I do not have to serve a sinner (for example and very concentrated on LGBT people).

I was very happy when I heard of this big outcry. And Pence’s clarification about the intend does not matter at all. The intend doesn’t matter because business owners and lawyers are dirty. They take the word, written in the law and twist it to their needs. Fuck intend, be fair and take religion the fuck out of business and state affairs. Fuck you Pence!

My respects to big companies speaking out against this bullshit law:

The CEO of Apple:

Angie’s List


And here a nice song that I just had to put here because it fits so well. Enjoy!

Lily Allen – Fuck you (very much)

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