New Year’s Resolutions

08 Jan

As every January, right now the horrible news from all over the world are just piling up on each other.
From hacker attacks to Suicides, from scam to terrorism, there are just no good news out there. Or if there are any good news out there, it is sure difficult to find them.

I don’t want to get on that wave right now. The bad news fill my day because of the job I do, so at least after work I am trying to get away from those things.

Instead, this post is going to be about New Year’s Resolutions. And if you are smiling or giggling right now, you have every right.

You know how everybody has all those completely unrealistic resolutions?
Loosing a ton of weight for example.
So for 3 weeks the gyms are packed and then people stop going for the goals they set.
I was told of a gym that actually has the “New year’s offer” where they sell you a 3 month membership for the same prize that a normal year would usually cost. Smart business move if you ask me.

The things that might be New Year’s Resolutions for other people, for me they are reminders of goals I want to reach anyway. Stuff I’ve been working on and I remind myself to keep working on those things.

This year I have a to do list though:

  • Finally do my taxes
  • Get my broken tooth fixed
  • Find a permanent job as opposed to the temp jobs I have done for a while now
  • Finish one of the books I started writing
  • Finish writing the RPG (pen&paper) before February
  • Run the RPG successfully at Leprecon
  • Get back in touch with my good friends and stay in touch
  • Help my husband to learn another language and find a job (he finally is in a language course. so much better chances to find a job if you know languages)

Wish me luck 😀

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