Leelah is dead!

05 Jan

A lot of you might have heard about the transgender girl Leelah who recently commited suicide.

Well, as you might have guessed, this did hit me quite hard. And because I felt, and still feel, so strongly, I didn’t just want to jump in and make an angry post about injustice and how bad religion is.

In my own way, I want to say a few words. After all, it is not only the name, that Leelah and I shared.
Although I never met her, and of course I don’t know her, I can understand quite well why she did what she did. I have been at that point myself and ultimately I am happy that I am still alive. I feel for her and am very sorry that she had to choose this road.

But looking at the one positive in this tragedy is the fact that FINALLY people are opening their eyes and there is no way to ignore this problem anymore.
“Helping” a transgender person by telling them that something is wrong with them and trying to pray it away is the worst thing you could do! And because Leelah was so clear in the final things that she had to tell the world, it cannot be ignored any longer. This is a great accomplishment.
As I said, I am very sorry that she had to die in order to open people’s eyes because sadly, before this, her voice was not loud enough.

It is a sad sad thing, and shows how broken our society is, when someone has to kill themselves to be listened to!

Things are confusing enough as a teenager. Add to that, that your gender does not match your sex, and not having anybody to talk to about it. It is a torture, it hurts, and when your own parents add to the bad feelings you have about yourself by making you go to a RELIGIOUS therapy where you are told that something is wrong with you and that you can pray it all away… I can’t even begin to imagine the pain. It had to be unbearably.

I was not a very fortunate child but in this matter, at least nobody told me that something was wrong with the very core of who I am.

I am lighting a candle for Leelah and hope that society will wake up – finally.

For the (religious) parents out there, that have transgender children:
You do love your child, don’t you?
Please try, for just a moment, concentrate on the pain and suffering your child is experiencing.
Please try to imagine yourself having a problem and instead of being told that your are being loved no matter what, you are being told that something is wrong with you.
And now imagine that you are being sent to a person you don’t know, whose world view you do not share, and who also tells you that something is wrong with you. This person now says that they will help you and starts playing the piccolo flute right next to your ear, the highest tunes you can imagine. You are not allowed to leave the room before the person is satisfied and things that they helped you.
Can you imagine how much more pain you are causing with what you do? “pray it away” and such things are not the right way to address your teenage child that is telling you something very personal and looking for comfort.

You are the parents! You have one job and one job only: Love your child unconditionally!

In the case of transgender people, it is not a problem they have.
You perceive it as a problem but in fact, the person was born that way.
They didn’t have a choice or do you think that people like to chose a life that causes them pain and trouble?
If you are religious, you should know that your deity made your child the way it is.
Your deity had a reason to do that so don’t you dare and question that choice.
If you think that your deity made a mistake, making your child the way it is, you might wanna reconsider your position on religion.
If your deity wanted to have your child suffer through life, it must be a horrible persona and is probably not worth being followed.

Please be good to your children, they are the future of humanity!

Hope and love,
Leela (without an h)

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