Dear God

04 Jan

This is an open letter to the Facebook God in reaction to a recent post of his:

Dear God,

I am writing this open letter to you here on my blog because I have more to say than what I feel fitting for a facebook comment.

Although most of the time I agree with your posts, this time I had a deep reaction.

This has many layers so I am trying to organize the points I want to address (I did not bother to read through the 1.3k comments on your post):

  • Comparing the Holocaust with what is happening now is not ok.
    Nobody is killing or hurting or hunting down anybody. In these marches, although done by absolute right and left wing extremists, they are what is considered free speech. They wand Muslims out. In Germany you can march for whatever you want to. As long as things aren’t getting violent and they “just” shout and march, things are ok.
  • “Dear Germany” is also not ok.
    It is not Germany that does the marches. There are two movements that do them: HoGeSa (Hooligans against Salafists) and PeGiDa (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West). Those two and noone else is making A LOT of noise and sadly, because media is pushing and hyping it a lot, this is the only thing that is coming through to other countries right now.
  • The marches have been happening for at least a year in the UK already.
    I know that people may thing that the UK has more of a right to those marches because they have “valid concerns” but in reality, due to Germany’s history, people from muslim countries have been brought into the country for the past 30-ish years. And as welcoming as Germany has been, those people that were brought in, did not leave when they were supposed to and have been trying to push their belief systems into public life just as much as they are doing it now in the UK.

Apart from the points above, looking at reality a bit more:

  • In Germany Muslims have succeeded in taking part of German culture away. By now, christmas markets may not be called Christmas markets in many cities any longer because Muslims where the ones complaining that this cultural thing is disturbing their freedom of religion. Christmas markets have nothing to do with religion but now they have to be called “Holiday Markets”.
  • Muslims have been making a fuss about food for many years. The stuff you heard last year in the UK about subway not selling pork because of the pressing Muslim demand, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Go into Kindergartens and schools and you will find that the food, ordered for children, has been pork-less for a long time, because the Islamic belief system doesn’t allow to eat that.
  • Islam in general is behaving childish and people have to be allowed to state their opinion about it. Yes, in a civilized manner, so the marches are maybe a bit overkill, but they have to be allowed to say what they think about it. Otherwise we can go back in history and do the crusades but this time they will be muslimic crusades. Why? Because people will turn a blind eye and be nice and mature until it is too late. Every form of extremism should be stopped dead in it’s tracks.
  • Muslims have been welcomed with open arms in Germany for many years and because Germany learnt from history, they have been accommodated. Their believes have been respected from the beginning. But guess what happens if you are too welcoming? Look at the UK. Muslim nurses and Doctors being allowed to not wash their hands, Subway stopping to sell pork, Islamic “police” on the streets, Public beheadings in the UK. People in Germany see all this and they panic because they don’t see politicians reacting to what happens in the world and to prevent these things in Germany. Quite the contrary, in Germany, because politicians are so afraid to give the wrong impression (WW2 anyone?) to the world, they keep bending German culture to accommodate

I know, God, this is a very long letter, and you probably didn’t even click the link to it, when I sent it to you. I just feel this is something you should know.
In your post on facebook, you were generalizing and probably ignorant to a lot of facts, so I felt the need to address how deep the issue in Germany actually is.
I am sure that a lot of Germans don’t only agree with this, but they would probably add a few more things that I just left out in order to keep this post on track and relevant.
The “muslim issue” in Germany has a long history and a lot of different layers. Summarized you can say that everybody is scared right now. Those two groups are as scared as a whole lot more people but rather than talking it out, they decide to do marches and as long as they don’t get violent, I personally do not see why they should stop because all they do is express an opinion (yes, a radical one) and underline how scary Muslims actually are, even though they say it is a religion of peace.
Please, don’t tell a whole country to stop a behaviour that only two extremist groups are doing.

Thanks for reading.

Your follower,

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