Poor Christmas

31 Dec

This Christmas we ran into a bit of money trouble. Basically some of my calculations went wrong and we ended up with 300€ less than I had calculated.
This meant that we went to the Christmas market but couldn’t afford to buy anything. It also meant that we couldn’t buy healthy food but only went for everything that is cheap. There weren’t a lot of presents either and no going out.

On Christmas evening I made some polenta and cheap meat. I also had some wine and sweets that I got for free. So I put it all on the table and made a picture. I wanted to post it on my facebook and make a stupid joke about it but my husband felt very embarrassed by it.

My husband also grew up poor and has been poor most of his life. But in his culture it is more important to look like you have money than to eat. Other people have to look at you and be impressed, everything else is unimportant. My husband still cares a lot about what people might think and it seems that it was important to him that we don’t look poor.

I guess what I wanna say is, it doesn’t matter what others think. You should always take the situation that you are in, and try to make the best of it. Don’t let the fact that you have no money ruin things for you. 

  • So what, you don’t have a big tree.
  • So what, you can’t afford to buy a gift for every friend.
  • So what, you can’t buy a new jacket or boots.
  • So what, you have to watch movies on Youtube instead of the cinema.
  • So what, you don’t have a big fat turkey in your oven.

What counts should not be what other people see in your Christmas but what you see in your Christmas. Don’t be salty, just try to enjoy – even if you sit in a cold flat because electricity is so damn expensive 😉

Here a few impressions of my own little bit of Christmas:

These first two were in a mall. I love all the lights and colours. 



This next one is one of the trees at work:


Here are some pictures of my decoration at home:



And here is the Christmas meal and some cupcakes that I made:



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