“What are YOU celebrating on Christmas, you little atheist?!”

07 Dec

“What are YOU celebrating on Christmas, you little atheist?!”

That’s what I heard from a very very christian friend last year around this time.

The thing is, I am not celebrating Christmas at all and I haven’t for many years. Not in a christian sense anyway. As much as my religion is not in my life anymore, Yule/Jul/Christmas, is still a time of the year, I look forward to.

For me, rooted back in my old religion and way of life, Christmas is about

  • the sun coming back,
  • days getting longer again.
  • a time of becoming active again.
  • seeing how nature is starting to wake up and live again.
  • the circle of life, the year, the seasons
  • how every end is also a new beginning

The Christmas tree with everything I put on it, is full of symbolism.

  • The evergreen tree in winter, reminding people that there is life even in the darkest of times
  • The Christmas ornaments > round bulbs > circle shapes remind of the circle of life, the year, and the seasons
  • The habit of hanging apples and nuts on the tree as a symbol that you wish for a good year, with a good harvest and plenty of fruit
  • The red candles as a symbol of life and light in a dark time. It’s light as a symbol of the fact that now the days are getting longer again.

But Christmas is so much more for me and probably a lot of other Atheists out there:

  • A time for your family
  • A time to just eat a lot of very tasty things
  • A time where you can take time off and just be
  • A time where you realize that you still have a lot of PTO left, so you just take it all now, when all your friends and family takes it too.
  • A time for hobbies and fun things
  • A time of great music

Do I celebrate Christmas in a christian way?
Definitely not!But I am surely having a very good and jolly time and I enjoy that.

Christians have neither invented Christmas, nor do they have exclusive rights to it.

Now chill, do your thing, and let me do mine. Don’t question my motives and I won’t question yours.

By the way:
Please read the different gospels concerning the birth story of Jesus. Funny to see how much your holy, unfailable book contradicts itself, just again.

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