An hour without power

30 Nov

So last night I was going to have a shower and then go to bed. It was already really late and it was pitch black outside.
At some point during me having a shower, all power went off. This includes the shower because it runs on electricity.

The good thing is, that all my senses are working perfect so I can navigate through pitch black darkness just fine.
My husband on the other hand, he was still playing something online with his friends, so of course he was a little pissed. He is also not good at navigating in the dark.

As we were unable to fix the problem that late at night and calling the landlord at 3am was out of the question, we went to bed.

I got up around 11:30 in the morning so we checked the fuses but couldn’t find anything wrong with those in our flat.
I sent a text to my landlord, asking if he could have a look, while knowing how my stuff is unfreezing in the fridge.

“Oh ok, I will be there in about an hour!”, was my landlord’s answer.

My first thought, being used to all the things in the house that run on electricity, was “Ok, what do I do to kill the time and how do I keep my frozen food well?”

This is how I spent my hour without power:

It is not that I really missed having power on, knowing that it will be fixed in an hour. I love doing stuff on the computer and I did have full battery for my laptop but I chose, on purpose, to keep the laptop off and do something else to kill the time.
For me, a lot of the computer is distraction. You can sit in a messy flat and not realize because you are staring into that computer screen all the time.

First I simply wrapped all my frozen and cold things in two woolen blankets to keep them cold, which btw worked fine. Nothing unfroze.
Then I started cleaning up everything that I could clean without hot water. (The dishes were left at that point)
I also told my husband to help clean up and as soon as he was done, he had his laptop on.
After the dishes, I finally glued my sole back on my shoe which had been broken for a month and I just couldn’t be arsed to fix it.
I also took my second laptop and prepared it for my friend. His computer broke and I am lending him my second (old) laptop until he gets the parts he ordered to fix his computer.
I also finally got to talk about some important matters with my husband and he finally took the time to address those matters because there was nothing to distract him. Nothing called him away from me and towards the computer.
We were, indeed, so much in our conversation that we didn’t notice time flying by.
At some point I received a call from my landlord asking to be let in.
And even after the power went back on, my husband and I continued and finished the conversation slowly. There was no rush to get on the computer just because the power was back on.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised how much stuff you can get done within just an hour.
Guess how I measure time. I measure by how long things take in League of Legends. 1 hour = 2 ARAM or 1 hour = aprox. 1 normal match.
So basically, that one match that I might have played instead, I did not miss it and I got a lot of things done, including a good quality conversation with my husband.

Right now I am considering to do an hour without power regulary because I found the experience pretty good.


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