Gamescom madness – Day 2

15 Aug

I have a very light sleep so naturally, with all the new noises in the hostel and people constantly arriving or going out, I woke up like 5 times. The room is very small so it is also very hot in there. That got me super thirsty and my asthma kicked in. Problem, I was so tired, that I just could not move. I wanted to reach the water but I am in the upper bed and I was so stiff from being tired and sleepy that I was simply unable to get there. Same reason why I couldn’t open the window.

Well the good thing is that I woke up 5 minutes before the alarm 😀

Breakfast in the hostel was unusual rich. I know that usually in a hostel (at least in ireland) they offer tea, coffe, and sometimes juice. And for food they offer toast with  jam, butter, or nutella. But here there was Musli, different types of bread, salami, saussage, cheese, honey, cocoa,….. like seriously if they would put fruit as well, that could be a low budget hotel breakfast 😀

The train in the morning was as stuffed as it should be at that time on a workday. So I didn’t notice, but I can’t compare with a “normal” day so whatever lol. The ride was like 20 minutes.
We could see the entrance area of the gamescom from the train and if that wasn’t enough even a blind man would have found his way there because there was a huge amount of people going just there.

Getting in took forever because of the mass of people. I think it was at least half an hour but likely more. I just felt very entertained by all the cool people I saw. Cosplaying, looking around who else had a Teemo hat. Stuff like that. Just soaking in the whole athmosphere. Having this amount of people around and everybody is nice and calm, pretty cool.

Anyway, here are a few images of the gamescom. I love cosplay and league of legends, so no surprise where the focus is here haha.



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