Gamescom madness – Day 1

13 Aug

I decided to make this a little bit of a diary or so. I am in Germany for 4 days. Well the first one is almost over. I will basically write this post and then go to bed because I gotta get up early tomorrow.

So we (the husband and I) just kipped sleep for a night because our flight was going at 7am. Getting up at 4 am after like one hour of sleep (I am a night owl, sorry) is just plain idiotic because I will be more tired after one hour of sleep than if I don’t sleep at all.

So check in and flight etc went all fine. I did not forget my Teemo Hat so I am all set. Everything is great haha.

I had some trouble with the ticket machine for the train. It took me forever to find the ticket that I knew existed because I had checked with the hotline to make sure. Once I found it, turned out it was more expensive than I initially thought. Not much though.
Well we found the hostel alright. Staying at the Backpackers is Dusseldorf (as they spell Düsseldorf everywhere else. It’s fun because this way it means “moron village” but hey, who am I to judge lol)

We went for an early lunch, got some food for dinner, and then waited a little in front of the hostel.
IMGA0939 This picture is in the backyard of the backpackers. Looks cool, eh 😀

After resting a little bit we went to Cologne.
Once we got there, it started raining like crazy. I have a problem. My hair was just died and the colour still comes out when it gets wet so I got a bit very scared of having my clothes all in red.
My man was so sweet to swap jackets with me because his jacket is semi water proof and my hair made it somewhat damp but at least not soaking wet until I got myself an umbrella.

We went to see Hohenzollernbrücke (Hohenzollern Bridge) because of all the locks that couples keep putting there.

After that we went to see the dome. I didn’t make an outside picture of it yet because I would like the picture in dry weather. But what I found inside:
IMGA0949 IMGA0954 IMGA0959
Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me.

On the way back I noticed how close the stop Messe Deutz is. It’s one train stop from the Central station. If I were to miss my stop I could just walk that distance within like 15 minutes or so.

I even saw people walking around with stuff from gamescom already. Goodie bags with Sims stuff, key chains, those wristband things (with the colour code for your age and all). Even saw some people on the way to the gamescom camp site. That rain though.

I just checked out what Riot Games has to offer over the days. I found that there will be a QA with SivHD which is pretty neat if you ask me. I just don’t know if that will be on one of the days where I attend.
The second, and way more amazing thing is the fact that fnatik is playing on Friday and I have a ticket for
gamescom on Friday. Guess who will be there. *nerdgasm*

Nothing more to add right now.
Get more tomorrow.

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