Gamescom, I’m coming!

11 Aug


On Wednesday I am flying to Germany to go to gamescom so right now I am just cleaning my place, emptying SD cards, charging batteries, packing, buying stuff, and so on.

I am happy to have a nice ending to my 2 week holiday. Today I noticed that my dark rings under my eyes are less dark and I feel generally more relaxed. Gamescom will be great, especially because I am going there with a completely free and chilled mind.

I travel light so everything that my husband and I are traveling with actually fits on a small armchair and we just bring that one travel-size backpack. Traveling light is good because we don’t have to carry a lot of stuff and moving around is much easier.

I will be meeting up with some people on Wednesday and Saturday and I will be attending gamescom on Thursday and Friday. So much time to stroll around, see all the new games that are coming out, maybe try some games.

Things that are on my list to check out at the gamescom:

  • Riot Games / League of Legends
  • Cosplay area
  • Minecraft
  • Nintendo

I am not sure what my husband wants to check out or try. We will probably stand in line a lot if we want to try a few new games. I know there is a great outdoor area where you can sit down and relax a bit.

Also the two free days will be great. Meeting people and doing some sightseeing.

We learnt from our last weekend-holiday and prepared more spending money this time. We prepared 100 Euro spending money per day and I hope that we will be fine this time. Last time we made it home with the last few euro in my pocket being spent on the bus from the airport to our house.


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