Gamer Girl vs. feminist

24 Jul

You know hardcore feminists who get super defensive and aggressive when you call their shit?

So I was recently added to a group on Facebook that has a bunch of hardcore feminists in it. Some things that people post in this group are actually mildly interesting but most of the time I don’t even bother to click and check the posts and links.

Today someone posted a link to a gaming related article so in this case I went ahead and had a look because gaming duh.

So this is me > Gamer, reader, writer, thinker, partially woman.
In addition I am a humanist. I am for equal rights for everybody. No matter gender, sex, origin, religion (or lack thereof), disability, age, etc.
I am not a feminist whatsoever.

In the article a woman working in a top position in gaming, I think a developer, is complaining about how she is being treated. She also lists different women, telling their, of course very negative, experiences with men in the gaming industry.

So between all the rambling about male privilege, threats, not being taken serious, being a sex object, what people think, what the “reality” is, and so on… All I got out of this lengthy article was a lot of whining.
“I have an idea and no one listens”
“The bad men are being rough to me”
“Weird fans at gaming events”etc…

Are you fucking serious? Really?

Let me quote something from the article here:

“We’re told it doesn’t matter, to grow a thicker skin, and that men go through the same thing.”

Like it or not but that is exactly the case!

My gosh, I am gaming with guys every single day. I am leading a big online gaming community. The shit people talk from time to time is nothing to take serious. I even received a death threat once and guess what, I don’t care. Why? Because those who do rage and threaten are idiots who take themselves too serious.
When I am with my gaming friends, talking and playing for hours each and every single day, you know what, they will poke the exact same kind of fun at me as they do to each other. They will be rough with their statements, very honest, and actually pretty cool.
The occasional boob joke I directed towards me is being washed away by an occasional dick joke from my side. Everybody gets their laugh and the situation is gone.

I haven’t seen male privilege in gaming to be honest.
No one told me that I can’t buy this game because I am a woman.
No one told me I can’t apply for a job in the industry because I am a woman.
No one even looked at me weird or surprised when I told them I want to work in the gaming industry.
Gaming women are more and more out of the closet because it is becoming normal. Everybody is finally getting used to it and that’s good.

Two more points that I need to address:

1. Threats:
The complaint about getting threatened with rape, having stalkers, etc.
I am very sure things are being blown out of proportion here, sorry. If someone makes an unfunny rape joke towards you, that’s not a threat. In a business environment no one will threaten anybody with sexual violence. And online, who the fuck cares what kind of threat someone give to you online. Guess what, I was in the after game chat on LoL and had a guy flame me and tell me that he will take a train to where I live and kill me. You know what I did? I laughed. Who the hell is that, and how does he think he can find me? Just another rager.
And the stalker thing? I had stalkers in the past. Three times. Guess what I did in this case? I learnt from it. I took down almost all data that can identify me personally from the internet. My real, married name is nowhere on the internet apart from one single place, and that’s because of work. And even that is stuff that can’t have me tracked in any way. I learnt from this so well, so now I can feel safe.
I find it ridiculous to hear from some girl that she had to call the police because someone said something to her on the internet. Goodness, grow up!

2. That facebook group:
I made a very short comment on that group on facebook. expressing in a very compressed way, what you just read. The answer of someone in that group was “Leela, I hope that was sarcasm”
Well sorry to disappoint and I know you don’t want to hear this, but no, it was not sarcasm. I meant every single word. I refuse to answer to your statement because I have been on the internet and I learnt when I have to shut up in order to not being pulled into a pointless and annoying discussion with an idiot.

Yes, I will stay in that group. It’s somewhat of a case study for me. Trying to learn more about these type of people without really interfering.
I will not disclose the name of the group or any members.

Here is the article I am talking about:

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