AT lol ingame flamers

18 Jul

I am flaming the flamers now!

I usually see that I play in the middle of the night, so I don’t have to deal with raging teenagers but it’s summer holidays now so no dodging the kids for 2 months.

I play a match, that Wukong player starts flaming from minute 5 and doesn’t stop. I tell him to stop and just play. I explain that he misses opportunities every time he types in the chat (while I’m dead dead) but he keeps going.

He starts a surrender vote and of course we lose because by that time he had worn the whole team down.

I personally am no rager and I usually mute everybody instantly who annoys me. Just sometimes I think that calming people down will help. I am so naive, sorry…

So here, once and for all

@ all the ragers and flamers in LoL

You guys are assholes!


  • You drag down a whole team and YOU make the team lose by doing that.
  • You are in NO WAY more skilled then anybody else – quite the contrary, fucker!
  • Every time you call someone else a noob, you show that you will be stuck in Bronze 5 until you drop the game.
  • Every time you blame somebody else for your death, you show that you are mechanically unskilled.
  • Every time you shout “why u no ss?” you show that you have no fucking map awareness whatsoever
  • Every time you blame your support or jungler for any of your mistakes, you proof to the team that you are an asshole
  • You shout at everybody because you have no idea about this game
  • You go solo and force the rest of the team into impossible situations because you have to “split push”
  • You watch LCS thinking that you can do those cool things too but guess what, you are not XPeke or Dyrus or WildTurtle so no, you cannot do those cool things too.
  • You run around telling your team “build armour, they are only AD” when there are 3 AP champs in the enemy team.
  • You panic and rage ping the whole map making it impossible to listen to the few important pings.
  • You refuse to communicate when it’s important but you have the time to rage
  • You think this is an ego shooter and have to show how manly you are but guess what > it’s a team game. If you wanna play solo, play GTA or Fallout or something.
  • You stand at the shop for a whole minute?! Hey if shopping is so great, go play the Sims! Please, you are playing ranked, know what you want to buy – buy it – and go back into the game…
  • If you are so great, asshole, then why are you still in BronzefuckingFIVE? Tell me, oh you my guru.
  • If everybody else is a noob but you, then how comes you play in low elo? Ah sure, yes, I know, you are Korean Challenger and this is your smurf. Right right, sorry I forgot.
  • You start surrender votes after whining for 15 minutes but guess what, I will not press surrender, because FUCK YOU that’s why

I will report every single one of you fuckers because you suck the fun out of a game I love. I hope you get your sorry ass banned from every server of every game. Go play monopoly if you love raging so much.

I have a lot of patience. A LOT of it, I promise that. But at some point… when I see what type of games I lose, I get SO SO frustrated.

This is the type of game I lose:

People fight in champion select over the bans and the lanes. Then they fight over the champions picked. Then they force me into support because last pick. I have no problem playing support, I like it. I have a problem if my ADC is an idiot who can’t differentiate between me harassing the enemy and me engaging. I have a problem with my ADC not last hitting and not taking the few opportunities they get to poke. I have a problem when I am doing the best I can with zoning the fucking enemy so my fucking idiot ADC can farm in peace and then I see that he is still fucking outfarmed. Are you fucking serious?

I made a promise to myself. If I have to support and my ADC has less that 80 CS by 15 minutes, I will steal his fucking farm and build AP instead of support because someone needs to carry the fucking game and my ADC who doesn’t farm is of no use anyway. Fuck you, give me those minions, at least that gold is in good hands.And I swear, you dare flame me, I will leave your fucking botlane. Yo pro, go and deal with that shit alone instead of making me waste my time that could be used helping someone who can appreciate it.
Also PLEASE we are in Bronze, I don’t want to know how well you learnt some websites by heart. I don’t care what counters what in your opinion. Counter picking doesn’t ducking matter on this skill level. Play what you know well and you will win your lane, I promise. Stop counter picking just because someone tells you to. If you are shit at the counter you will lose your lane and you will feed.

I have time for about 3 matches per day. You know why? Because I have a job and I get home at 6:30pm so I get to play at 8pm unless other things need to be done. I want to have fun and I want to rank up. You assholes waste my time by making a whole team lose with your fucking flame.

Also, I play this for fun. I will not listen to your fucking flame and blame. I will not do what you say, and I will – in addition – build whatever I think fits the situation best. I will fucking carry myself out of this shit. And I will laugh at you when I am Gold 1. When I play my promo to Platinum and you are still in Bronze 5, calling everybody else a noob.

Grow up, you idiots.


Raging at the ragers outside the game feels good! I am done 🙂


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