My new friend

22 Jun

He really needs someone to talk and I am a good listener and I have this big heart for troubled teenagers. I don’t mean teenage-brats who feel troubled because they got less pocketmoney than normal. I am talking about teenagers who have problems and troubles that they shouldn’t have to worry about.

He is one of them. Every once in a while a teenager like this crosses my path and I help them on their feet so they can move on without thinking about suicide or selfharm.

This guy has been bullied for a long time. His family won’t accept him since he came out gay.
He is a great guy, very mature, fun, and smart. But he is not confident. He has no idea how much he can do with his life and all the chances he has.
When he gets upset he locks everybody out.

Every now and then he tells me about himself. I am not making him. We just talk and when he gets upset I make sure that he talks about it instead of bottling it up. He has too much bottled up already and right now seems like a ticking time bomb more than anything else.
He told me many things already. Things about his family, his dead ex-boyfriend, some selfharm, the bullying, and such things. I noticed that even for a heavy smoker he smokes a lot.
I am not too sure how to help him.
I had serious cases like this before but they were different.
Something about this guy is special and I really want to help him but I am somewhat at the end of my wisdom here.
All I can do is offer an open ear whenever he needs it.

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