I got a project

04 Jun

I came to work this morning and was just starting my computer and one of the permanent employees, a teamlead, came to me and asked “Did *** talk to you about quality?”

I have to mention that this was before “hello” and before having a coffee.
I also have to mention that I am a perfectionist when it comes to work. If my quality is not at 100% I get very moody because for me anything lower than 100% is not acceptable. (Yes, quality can be measured in % at my place of work)
In addition to that, I am a contractor. So everything negative will get me scared anyways – although my contract has just been extended.

So no wonder that I thought of the worst at first. I said that *** has not talked to me about it yet and said teamlead answered “Oh, ok. Well she will talk to you about quality.” And then she left.
I look around myself and say to a coworker “What did I do?” and she just grins at me “Hey, it’s nothing bad.” So then she tells me that I don’t know anything BUT….

So here is the story:

We have a whole huge bunch of people starting very soon. They are starting on a certain new project and there are mentors and quality people needed for this project. So the teamlead of my language market asked if my direct teamlead would be ok if I were that person for this language.

So tomorrow and next week I have training for that new project and then I get a certain period of time to start working on it so I understand everything. When the new guys start I will be their POC on this matter.

Pretty cool and amazing. I have been told that I am doing pretty well at work but me being THAT perfectionistic (is that even a word?) I didn’t realize that it is that good.
I was a mentor in my old job as well and I did quality review back then as well. I really enjoy that kind of work so yea, happy to get to do this again! 🙂

Happy Leela today! 🙂

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