Whiny waiters

03 Jun

Just to make this clear in advance, I try to tip every time I am eating at a restaurant.

I understand that waiters get a low pay and that business owners and managers calculate a certain amount of tips that the waiters get.

What I do not like is this kind of bs that you get for not tipping a lot:

  • I serve your food
  • I server your drinks
  • I care for your special requests
  • I am friendly and smile even if you are not
  • I am on my feet all evening to serve people
  • My wage is 2:50 an hour
  • I have bills to pay
  • I go to uni
  • People give only 2 Euro tip on a 60 Euro bill

Tell you what:

  • Serving, smiling, being friendly, taking care of guests, being on your feet >> Your job description!
  • Low pay > You manager is an asshole
  • Bills, uni? Yea, you are not the only one.
  • No one HAS TO tip. Be happy if you get tipped at all.

I have worked a lot of shitty job, including the lowest stuff like cleaning lady, kitchen personell, and retail.
And guess what, I wouldn’t even DARE to complain about not getting extra money.
These jobs suck ass, they pay bad, and that is something you know BEFORE you start the job.
Everybody has bills to pay and needs to eat but waiters are BY FAR the most whiny group of all.
You actually do get that little bonus in form of a tip if you do your job well.

  • Do you think a cleaning lady gets a tip if she cleans the toilets well?
  • Do you think the parking log guard gets a tip for operating the gates especially well?
  • Do you think the guy who cleans your car at the gas station gets a tip for making your wind shield extra shiny?

Forget it! Stop being a crybaby. Life sucks sometimes! Your life sucks, my life sucks, everybody’s lives suck. Deal with it and move on and stop whining.

Now stop complaining about your job as a waiter and just do it. Keep going. If you are in fact a student at UNI it will be over in no time and you will get all the nice, comfy jobs that you always wanted.
And then  you will complain about those jobs.

And just make things real for you, complaining about people tipping low when they have a high bill:
I am one of these people. I tip only if the waiter did a good job. And I am not a rich person. The few times I get to eat out, I have a very tight budget for eating out. If I bring 50 Euro, I am not able to spend more but I am willing to spend the whole 50 on my meal. And I will probably give you the rest, towards that 50 as a tip if it is not 2 Euro, because you know what? My life sucks too. I don’t have a washing machine. So if my bill was 48 Euro, I might actually keep those 2 Euro because I have laundry to do and it is exactly 2 Euro for the washing cycle including drier. I am not rich just because I spend a 50 at the restaurant! Quite the opposite. A meal at a nice restaurant is something that I have one a year, maybe twice. I am saving for it and then I spend what I saved. You being whiny about me not tipping, doesn’t change that.
And yes, a 50 Euro bill is a very high bill for me. I can’t afford more. I can’t buy the expensive wine you offer, I can’t afford a second glass of coke, I can’t buy a dessert most of the time, I will leave the little bread basket untouched because it is likely that I have no money for that extra.

The prices at some restaurants are horrendous (3 Euro for one oven potato!!). The owner can afford paying you right. If he doesn’t pay you properly, don’t complain to me. I am just the customer.


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