Leela, the no-drama-zone

03 Jun

I avoid drama at almost all costs but it recently happened.. I mean the drama. And I need to vent it 😀

Every time it looks like drama comes up, I try to solve it before it escalates but sometimes, and especially men will understand, you can’t stop the drama. It will just roll over you and all you can do in that case is this: Pick up the pieces.

How comes that the nicest people can often turn out to be the most untrustworthy?

I am really good at judging people so when I misjudge someone it is so much more frustrating to me.

In this online gaming community that I lead with a friend, we had a team member who we valued a lot. When he joined the team he was great.
Turns out that he lies a lot and breaks the rules every time you look away. We knew he is somewhat of a pervert, always posting his 18+ stuff. I even told him he had to stop it because we have underage people in the community PLUS it is a GAMING community and not a porn site.
He says that he will stop and even the next day already I see him posting that stuff again.
And he lies about it.
Then he talks about illegal stuff and denies that he did. And when he is called out on it, he says it was a joke… I heard the friggen recording, are you serious? I am so happy we have members who record stuff because that way we have evidence.
The problem is that he started hating on one of our members. The very member who had actual evidence, and he wanted to ban that guy. Well of course, I guess.

I swear I hate drama. I am happy we got him off the team.

It means that we have more work for a while but I’d rather work a bit more if that means that I have less stupid drama in my community.

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