The Me-Monster

01 Jun

This is the cake that I made today because I was invited to a birthday.
We went to this really nice Chinese place. And after a very very good dinner, we brought out the cakes. My friend also brought a very nice cake.

Baking is a major hobby of mine so I always try to make something very special for the occasion I bake for.

When I unwrapped it, the whole table gave me genuine “ooooh, nice!” And I must say, it feels very good when you get such a genuine positive reaction from 12 people at the same time for something you love doing.
They didn’t even want to cut into the cake because they said it’s too pretty.

Very very honestly, I never get such reactions for anything I do. People never give me such positive feedback UNLESS I bring a cake.
Of course I don’t bring a cake everywhere I go but for special occasions I like to.

Has any of you guys ever watched Brian Reagan? He talked about a “Me-Monster” and that is what happened at the party to me.
We had a “Me-Monster” there and it was not able to resist the urge to turn my cake into a “Me-Story”. How she had seen this AAAAMAAAAAZING wedding cake. And she went into great detail about that cake.
I am not someone who tries to top other people’s stories so I just let her tell the story, and then cake was served and people went back to loving my cake 😀
I am sorry, Me-Monsters annoy me slightly so I had to tell you about the one I met today 😀

Here is Brian Reagan’s piece about the Me-Monster:

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