annoying shares on facebook

31 May

You know what types of shares on facebook annoy me the most?

  • Pseudo philosophic bullshit
  • “Help xyz”-memes
  • “like this if you support xyz”
  • “share this if you support xyz”
  • Links to spam / hijack websites
  • Selfies
  • Dr. Who – references
  • Propaganda
  • Religious bullshit
  • Sharing every single image that you see on the internet that evening

The thing is, that no matter how smart some people are, they will still fall for a lot of bullshit and they will have to SHARE IT WITH EVERYBODY!

No, I do not want to become a vegan now.
No, I do not think that your god is great.
No, I will not share this because she is pretty.
No, I will not click like because I am against racism.
No, I am not interested in the latest beauty trend.
No, I will not become an activist for “international whatever-day/week/month”

You know, it is not like I have no opinions about things. I just don’t feel like I need to share my opinion about every little fucking thing with everybody on my friend list. Especially not on facebook.

Why would I force things like my political views, my view on child education, every joke I ever heard or anything else down my friend’s throats?

The problem is, that these people are nice and usually reasonably smart. They post good stuff as well. Great news articles, books, science, music, etc.

But then they go on a bullshit sharing spree.


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