LoL brainfucked

26 May


I got LoL start of season 3 or something like that. Not sure.

I played around up to level 20 or 21 and then I met people who would help me. They would help me by explaining some simple things to me. Those things stuck. (stuff about mechanics, theory, warding, etc).

So basically my brain is somewhere in gold but my skill is not. Of course not. I am not investing super super much time into the game. I play 2-4 matches per evening and only recently started to concentrate more on ranked.

The problem is that some people – well a lot of people – who play solo ranked with me are not gold in their brain. They are really bronze.
What do I mean by that?

  • Who in their right mind would win a teamfight and then go dragon instead of pushing a tower?
  • Who would concentrate on counterpicking in BRONZE instead of playing the champion you are actually good with?
  • Who would go kill wolves when there is a team fight right next to them in mid lane?
  • Who would keep saying “OMG my team is so bad” when they lost their lane as well.
  • Who would tell his team “Build armour they only have AD” when the enemy has two ap champions > one with a blue build (oh yea, blue build is confusing 😀 I forgot)

This and so much more is …
You know, now I am a very patient person and sometimes I actually try to reason. The trouble is the big ego of many people. Instead of listening and trying to learn, they will close their minds. And because they die in this match, they will get angry instead of trying to find out why they died so much.

So here a few tips:

  • When you die a lot aka feed, it is 99% your own fault that you died.
  • Check the minimap ALL THE TIME
  • Blame nobody but yourself, usually there is something you could have done better
  • Practice new champions in bot games or normals NOT IN RANKED
  • Don’t panic-ping the map. One or two pings for one issue is enough.
  • If somebody doesn’t do what you say, stop telling them what to do.
  • Don’t say “I mute you.” Just do it.
  • Don’t say “Report my team” That will get you reported (it is against the summoner’s coat!)
  • Take a moment to say “Thanks” to your Support for saving your ass.
  • Take a moment to say “Thanks” to your Jungler for ganking your lane.
  • Buy a ward!

These are just a few hints. I know I am bronze myself but how about leaving your ego behind, just like I have to do it. How about trying to learn, apply yourself, and stop being an arse.
No raging, blaming, or flaming will get you out of bronze. The only thing that can get you out of bronze is your own attitude.

I personally am working on it. My map awareness has gotten a lot better, I ping and usually listen to ping. I tend to make good calls when I play with bronze / silver players. When I play with anybody really high ranked, I tend to listen to them A LOT because they can actually teach me stuff.

One thing that I have been recently taught was looking at my own damage output and calculate that when I chase and such things. It is actually useful but I keep forgetting. It’ll get better but it’s just one of those pro tips that can help a lot during teamfights and so on.
I will keep getting tips and help and I will keep learning from my mistakes while a lot of the ragers will get stuck in the so-called “elo hell” that is just an excuse for lazy people.

So yeah, @ the ragers out there. Have fun staying down there in bronze, while I will start climbing that elo ladder. I’ll send you a postcard when I reach the top and you are still down there flaming your teams.

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