Stuck in Bronze?

23 May


I play League of Legends as you know from my Gaming sub-site.
I love that game, sorry. I really really love that game. It’s very fun and I have a lot of nice people I can play it with.

Most of the people I play with are very high ranked. I am talking Platinum and Diamond ranks. Although playing with them can get frustrating at time, I learn a lot more with them than I learn when I play with people of my own rank.

I am currently in Bronze and I have a problem. I am losing my promo series all the time. This is how it happens. I don’t lose a single game until I am in series, and once I have my promo matches I start losing.

I have no fucking idea why I am always losing in my promo matches but it is getting frustrating.

Now I am playing support most of the time. As support I know exactly what I have to do. I know how to position myself, how to take care of my ADC and later on of my whole team. I like it. Mostly playing Soraka and Karma. They are great for supporting. I love it.
I also have a duo partner. He had a bit more time so he is in Silver 5 right now, while I am still in Bronze 4.
About two weeks ago I was Bronze 3 and on the way to Bronze 2. Suddenly I lost 3 games in a row, got demoted, and now I am so pissed.

I have been in series twice since. Once last week and once today. I lost my series again today. I am getting so frustrated.

What do I do to get better?
Watching pro guides and gameplay on streams and youtube. Watching LCS for fun too > Go Dyrus, Go Dyrus! 😀
Apart from that I enjoy learning from higher ranked players who take the time to invite me to games. I take the advice and I am really really trying hard to implement all of the advice and hints and tips I get.

My positioning and poking has sky rocketed since a friend took me under his wing and I feel more confident in team fights. Yes, I do get caught out of position sometimes. Shit happens. I am not raging > ever. I am not muting either because even the worst rager might sometimes say something important in the chat.
I ping and listen to pings. I know how to build and counter build.
Apart from Support I am also ok mid and top. The only position I really fail on is jungle and usually I don’t have to jungle because there are people who actually like to jungle.

I still lose. Well I only lose my promo matches… Does anybody know how that can be? Why is it only the promo matches? Really …


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