“Everything will be ok!”

21 May


I find these kind of shares on my facebook pretty much all the time. It is SO annoying. All the whining and crying around. About everything. And then you see those “memes” that aren’t even memes as per definition. They say this pseudo philosophic or psychologic smart ass shit that nobody would want to hear if they were told in person. But as a “meme” that’s ok.

All the crying around is so fucking annoying. And after every whining session and wall of text about how bad someone feels, the good old “Everything will be ok!” follows up.

I am not a whiny person… Is that just me? I mean, yeah I tell you guys stuff here on the blog. But I actually just tell things. I am never crying around about anything. That being said, of course I feel down and bad at times.
Hey, you know what? I don’t run around rubbing it under everybody’s noses, making it everbody’s problem. How selfish is that? I feel bad, now I need to pull everybody else down as well?

If you are really having a problem, talk to an actual friend of yours or seek help. But stop whining already. Wow…

And by the way:
No everything is not always going to be alright. That’s life. Deal with it. Life isn’t fair, and sometimes things turn out shit. You know what you should do in that case? Get back on your feet and move the fuck on.


Rant over, thanks for ignoring.

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