Anti-Islam vs. racism

16 May


A few things I stumbled across, just so those who have no clue what I am going to talk about, know what’s going on:

Now these are just a few of the recent headlines and troubles the UK faces lately.

Islam is a very young religion and generally behaves childish. Yes, I just said that. Why, you might ask. Well when Christianity was the age of Islam nowadays, Christians behaved the exact same way. Trying to force their religion on everybody everywhere they went. But Christianity grew up during the past few hundret years and in its place we see Islam nowadays.
People are leaving the Christian faith but they are not yet leaving Islam. Islam is young, and it seems so nice when you first hear about.
The religion of peace where everybody (based on sex) has a specific role. You are being told that everybody is valued and there are lots of nice things they tell you.
But looking at reality, at what Islam and it’s laws does to society, I cannot agree, sorry.

What Islam does:
Spread (fine, whatever) > force their rules on others by playing the racist-card (not fine with that)

If you don’t let our wives run around with a burka, that’s racist.
If you don’t butcher animals the way we do (Halal), that’s racist.
If you make the Muslim sales-guy sell Alcohol, that’s racist.
If you don’t send your child on a religious (Islam themed) school trip, that’s racist.
If you make my Muslim female doctor wash her hands before treating me, that’s racist.
If you disagree with female and/or male genital mutilation, that’s racist.
If you ask me to talk English in a shop, in an English speaking country, that’s racist.
If you refuse business to me because I don’t speak your language in your country, that’s racist.

Tell you what, Muslims.

How about you move into a country where all your rules and requirements are met to perfection. Go to Malaysia or Egypt for example. You get your Halal, you get shariah law, your women are being treated like children, you even get the call to pray 5 times a day. Go there and be happy.

It is not racist when people do not want to follow the rules of your RELIGION!

You know, none of the above is about your “race” your country or whatever, it is all about your religion. Don’t act like a child, when people refuse to follow your dogma. Grow up.

For your information, at anybody reading this, I am highly anti-islam while I am absolutely no racist at all. I am actually anti-religion alltogether but I am still no racist.
I get along with pretty much everybody UNLESS somebody starts preaching to me or starts forcing their religion down my throat. That is when I get pissed and I will voice it > be it Islam or anything else.

You see, I don’t have children yet, but I will make VERY sure that once I have children, they will not be forced on religios school trips based on “if you don’t go, you get a racist note in your file”.
Also, I used to like Subway very much. They lost me as a customer. I don’t care if muslims don’t want to buy there if they sell pork. If they don’t like pork, how about not ordering it? Or is that too simple?
Oh and by the way, it is not “Islamophobic” to disagree with your dogma.

Opinions and comments are very welcome (including those from Muslims) but I would like to remind everybody who did not read my disclaimer, that I will not approve comments (no matter who makes them) that are trolling or causing flame-wars.


A pissed Leela


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3 responses to “Anti-Islam vs. racism

  1. thoughtfullyprepping

    May 17, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Way to go girl

  2. infidelzuk

    May 18, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    Reblogged this on infidelzuk.

  3. infidelzuk

    May 18, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Well said if we went to an Islamic state and asked then to respect our beliefs and change laws to accommodate us I know we would be killed or in prison that’s why I have no respect for Islam


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