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08 May

Today I just wanted to tell you something. Yes, every single one of you who is reading my blog posts!

I feel really honored and very happy that people actually read and enjoy what I write here.
I am a writer but I have never really tried to publish my own stuff. None of my stories ever made it because I am too shy to publish them. Just my work-writing has been published, and that stuff not even under my own name. I have no rights to what I wrote and published so far. Sucks a little but hey, I like writing so I keep writing 😀
This blog is pretty young, just a few months and it doesn’t have a lot of content yet. But I enjoy writing it so much.

With every new post, I gain either a new follower or a “like”. It is so nice to check my emails during the day and see that someone read something I wrote and liked it enough to express that in a way.

So that’s just a little “THANK YOU” for you guys!


Also feel free to comment or suggest topics you’d like me to write about. 🙂

Cheers, have a good evening

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