Traffic bully vs. Gamer

06 May

I cycle to work and home. It’s saving me money and gives me a bit of a workout every day. Win, right?

Today a traffic bully almost made me vomit. My stomach really wants to vomit in dangerous situations when stuff happens suddenly and fast.

Well what happened?
When I cycle home I need to cross a street and get on the cycle road thing. It’s on the other side of the road, with the side walk. So I check for cars, I check for bikes, I check for people, I cross over. Some where in the distance I saw another cyclist but far enough – way far enough – for me to be able to make it just fine.
What happened though?
Well I cross and as the other cyclist comes closer and a car comes close enough for me to better not slow down, the cyclist yells at me. I did not expect the yell and I could not stop, he did not use his breaks but kinda seemed to go faster on purpose or something. Anyway he was too close for having cycled normally.

This is when my stomach wanted to eat backwards and my gamer behaviour kicked in.

I am used to ragers and flamers so much, I apply my online / in game strategies in real life now.
I don’t react.
Now that sounds reasonable right? Why would I react to a traffic bully who simply needed to vent his work stress on the first person that crossed his way?
Too many people focus on the other rager, getting angry themselves. But that doesn’t help me, it actually makes traffic more dangerous for me if I get angry too.
While the bully got angry by my missing reaction to his stupid yell he started cursing while passing me “fucking cunt!” and while I was still not reacting, I saw him almost riding through a pile of dog shit because he had to look back at me to see if I react at any point.
Well, I didn’t.

I was very tempted to do what I like to do in-game but decided against it because
1. I didn’t feel like dealing with him
2. It would have made him even more furious
Usually, ingame I will tell the ragers and flamers “Love you!” and other lovely things. Yea, I might be a bit of a troll myself, but at least I only react. I don’t troll pro-actively and I never rage or flame at anybody, be it in-game or in real life.

But hey, just try it for yourself.
Ignore the real life ragers and just throw them a smile instead of the finger. See how they react đŸ˜‰


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