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04 May

So a few things happened in my gaming live šŸ˜€

League of Legends:
I won my series from Bronze 4 to 3. That’s good because I want to be Gold by end of July tops. I hope that this is possible. I have 2 people I play my ranked with. At least most of the time. I usually fail the solo games. Not really because I lack the skill, but I just really like to have someone on TS so we can joke about the flamers and keep our will to win up. I usually lose my will to win when I see a flamer. Even if I mute the flamers, I still see them pinging the map stupidly. The second problem. I see stuff that is going on and I ping or I write in the chat. A little warning “don’t go there” “don’t engage” but most people in this low elo are too proud and too over confident, so they will not listen. All I can do is try and do the right thing. BUT I main support. So I can’t just carry the game. I have to be where my team is even if I know it’s a stupid engage. I, as a support, can’t do a quick split push to have the enemy stop me from pushing or so. Supports are squishy and have no good potential to clear waves well.Now I personally have the mentality. If I see my ADC doesn’t listen, and does stupid things. I start building AP instead of support items because we usually need at least someone who can carry. As I play Soraka most of the time, building a tanky AP after the core support items is not problem. Soraka has a great wave clear if she builds some AP.

Shoutout to two people who I enjoy playing my ranked games with:
Triggerspar: Thanks! You keep explaining a lot of mechanics and theory to me while we play. It helps a lot!
Faryon86: Thanks! I enjoy playing with an ADC who is not doing stupid things all the time!!!

Dota 2:
I’ve tried Dota2 a few times. At some point a friend gave me a free game key for it. I didn’t like the game much. I fail so hard. The game is kind of confusing to me. One of the reasons is, I never see myself on the screen. The other reason is the game mechanics, that differ a lot from LoL. Some stuff takes a bit of time, so one can get used to it.
My co-worker plays Dota2 a lot and he took some time to explain the game to me a bit better. We went into a bot game and he explained all those little details to me, that make the game a bit less confusing. Like the shop systems and that carrier mule thing and a few other things.
I had fun but I don’t think I will stick with Dota2. It’s too serious for me. I just like to have some fun so I will stick with LoL.

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