I’m fat

13 Apr

Last year in summer I started losing weight. Not because somebody told me to or anything. I simply didn’t feel good in my body anymore. I felt fat, wobbly, out of breath, and I couldn’t move the way I used to.
I used to be very sporty and slim. But during the past… say 6 years or so, I started gaining.
Less sports, more hobby baking, and such are the reason.

When I started to lose weight, I lost 12 Kilo and I wanted to lost 10 more to get to my  normal weight according to BMI.
So basically I went from morbese to overweight and I was super proud of that huge step. Well, I am back to the start now. After the move I let it all slide and went back to old, bad eating habits. So now the starting weight is back and I am shocked.

Starting now I decided to get back on track.

The plan:

I will start with some calorie counting and eating healthy in combination. I need to program my brain back to “No, I am not hungry every hour.”
Many over weight people eat too much because:

  1. It tastes so good. Just one more.
  2. They lost the feeling of being full.
  3. They mistake thirst for hunger.
  4. They mistake the feeling of just wanting something for hunger.

So re-programming my brain is the first step I have to take.
Once I am not hungry every hour any more, I will stop counting calories and go back to the high protein – low-carb eating habits. A lot of vegetables, little fruit, and things like bread or noodles go away. I will likely make a more detailed post about it once the time comes. Or maybe I will just link you to my other blog, where I have these things explained in detail.

Today I had aproximately 450 calories already.


Happy challenge update

Day 10: Friday
It was Friday!! Knowing the weekend is close is a reason to be happy.

Day 11: Saturday
Fixed my bike! I love working on my bike so that was great!

Day 12: Sunday
I just relax today. I love quiet, lazy Sundays.

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