My thoughts on abortion

11 Apr
Abortion – one of edgiest topics I actually know.
Why so edgy? Because those who are unreasonable are making it an edge topic. A big “nono”.
And behind closed doors in a whispered voice “You can’t talk about this!”
Well sorry to disappoint, for me it is not a taboo. In fact, it is an important topic!
What are the main keypoints that are coming up over and over again?
1. When does life begin?
2. Do we have a right to decide if a life may start or not?
3. Health concerns.
4. Religious concerns / the sanctity of life
5. Is it natural to abort?
I personally am for abortion. And believe it or not, it hasn’t always been this way. I was confronted with many ideas and arguments and over time I was able to change my opinion based on new information that became available to me.
The terms “pro choice” and “pro life” are phrased in a way that I cannot accept and that is why I do not use them for myself.
Both terms imply something that is exclusive. Either you protect life now and forever and no matter what = unreasonable.
Or you protect yourself as a parent and become a judge over life or death of another potential human being = unreasonable.
What this should be all about is different.
When I think about abortion, my first thought does not go to a fertilized egg in a woman’s body. My first thought goes to the two people who are behind the fertilized egg. There was a man and a woman involved. What happened is none of my business but now she is pregnant.
Leaving dogmatic religious or political views aside, let’s try to ask some important questions here:
Did the condom break, did she forget to take her pill, did she even know about contraception?
Did she get raped, was it the first sex and the couple didn’t know how to use a condom correctly?
Did she have access to contraceptives at all?
How old or how sick is she?
How will this influence the rest of her life?
If this egg becomes more and this “more” is being carried out, will it be able to live?
How traumatic or good is this experience for the couple?
Does this woman have a partner, a supportive family, or does she stand alone?
Does she have a flat, a job, or is she living in a minivan because she lost her home and job?
And what about the man?Does he want the baby?
Was he careful with the condom?
Did he just trust in her using an internal condom or some other type of contraception?
Will he care for the potential life that can come out of this situation? Is he an abusive or caring type in general?
Does he have a job, a flat?
And the couple as a whole? Did they want to have a baby right now?
Are they still at school or living on their own?
Are they too young, too old, too sick, too active? Do they actually have time for a child?
There are so many things that have to be considered when we talk about abortion and what it means for the people involved.
All these questions don’t matter to most people who are against abortion. And why? Because their religion teaches them that it is not good. Because “life begins at xyz”. Because they feel guilty. Because it can cause trauma, Because this fertilized egg has a right to live, no matter what. Because the couple was just stupid, not careful enough. Because it is not responsible to make life and then decide it has to die.
Does any of this sound familiar?
I bet it does.
Now my questions:
Why is it so important for you personally to decide about somebody else’s future?
Why is it so important for you how somebody else leads their life.
Why is somebody else’s sexlife important to you AT ALL?
Why don’t you just live your life and decide for yourself when you are in that situation and let other people make their own decisions?
Which leads me to the next point:
Why does the government have to have a say in this at all?
Why would I let anybody but myself and my partner decide about this?
My mental state? Do you think I can’t make a decision about my body and my life because I am … depressed or something?
Let me ask you something else here:
If you push laws that forbid abortion, do you know what you are doing?
Are you prepared to deal with carried out but dead babies in trash cans?
Are you prepared to provide psychological treatment for people who feel that giving birth to an unwanted baby caused trauma to them?
Are you happy to spend your tax money on treatment of health issues caused by carrying out those babies?
Are you prepared to deal with a black market for abortions, where it will be more likely for the mother to get hurt or even die in the process?
Are you happy to spend your tax money on more homes for those abandoned children?
Are you happy to one day face your 13 year old daughter, who is very petite but pregnant, who knows that carrying out and giving birth will cause huge health problems to her, and who knows that if she gives birth naturally, she might die?
How confident are you in your position of “pro life” considering everything above?
Maybe you should step back when things don’t concern you and maybe you should question your own opinion from time to time. Call it a reality check if you like.
Update – Happy Challenge
Day 6 – Monday
Challenges and being in charge of *something* makes me happy. I got exactly that on Monday. My teamlead was gone so I got to take care of some of her duties that day. A very welcome change in my normal daily routine!

Day 7 – Tuesday
My husband was very cute, he wanted to go for a walk with me, which is welcome. I loved it!

Day 8 – Wednesday
I started my last attempt to a healthy diet (as in change of eating habits) and so far I feel great. I am already looking forward to the allergic reactions (to some stuff in some foods) to vanish.

Day 9 – Thursday
Played a ranked with a friend and won 🙂 Soraka rules!!

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