To lie or not to lie, that is the question.

03 Apr

So my mom asked if I got back home ok.

I wouldn’t be me if that wouldn’t get me to think a lot.
It was a little weird to me because she was one of the main reasons for me to not enjoy that weekend of “vacation”. I know she loves me, but unknowingly she makes me miserable. She is a peculiar person. She has a big heart, way too big. She helps and helps and helps. She always needs someone to care for so she has a reason to keep breathing. It seems she needs the drama around bad things happening, because no matter how nice things get, she will always mess things up.
But she doesn’t mess things up only for herself  but also for others.
My husband and I almost missed our train, meaning it was about to close the doors when we got there (I wrote about how we ran to the train). That was because of her. We were already getting dressed, bags were packed, my man was tieing his shoes and she comes with baby photos that she had to show me. Then, we were already out the door “Where is my other key?”. I checked my bag real quick and then told her I will send it to her when I am back home.
Those two things took enough time away that we missed the subway and ultimately almost the train.

So when she asked if I got back home fine, I didn’t know what to say really.
I just said that we almost missed the train but apart from that everything went fine.

I am usually a very honest person and I will speak my mind but with her… Being honest just never worked in the past, why would it start now?

On a different note:

Happy Challenge Update – DAY 2

I had a few little things that I liked today:

  1. Vanilla coffee
    We have those syrups at work. You can put them in coffee and I have never tried it so today I had some vanilla in my coffee. Very nice!
  2. Mild weather
    Real nice spring air outside. I am cycling to work and back and it was actually very enjoyable to cycle through the warm air.
  3. Rice pudding
    Well desert wise, if you wanna make me happy > Rice pudding. Gosh, I love that stuff. We got rice pudding for desert at work. Had raisins and other nice things in it. Yum!


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