Happy challenge

02 Apr

Someone at work was asking if it is possible to be happy for 100 days in a row.


>> Be happy about anything at least once a day.
>> Everything that makes you happy counts.
>> If the whole day sucked and there was only one little thing you were happy about > that counts!

Day 1:

Today work was less stressful than normal. My workload depends heavily on user activity (I work for a website) so it made me happy to get some time to breath today, take my breaks, have a tea, etc. Got enough stressful days, so this was a welcome change.

We have enough reasons to be unhappy and there is always a way for people to get into a negative mind set. And then we cry about the weather, politicians, the neighbor, stress, the kids, the broken shoes, the dirty kitchen, the messy spouse, and whatnot.

Somehow the negative things are always more important than the things that make us happy. We never embrace those moments but rather concentrate on what annoys us or gets us mad.

So why not enter a challenge where the only thing you need to do is > concentrate on the things that make you happy. At least for a little while,

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