Wrong in the head?

13 Mar

What? You go to a therapist?
What’s wrong with you?
Wow, really? You’ve been hospitalized because of problems with your brain?
Oh yea… I always knew that something wasn’t right in his head!

These and similar statements… Do you know them? Have you heard them? Have you maybe said something like that?

The nuthouse
The loony bin
The funny farmThe booby hatch

All these names for the place where all the “nutcases” go.

But have you ever tried to look at those people and see more than a “nutcase“?
Why the hate and hostility?Why call a sick person bad names?
Are you also a nutcase when you have a physical illness too?
Having a mental illness is just that > an illness.

People nowadays refuse to go for help because of the stigma that lays on them for having a mental problem.
“I can’t go to a shrink! I am not crazy!”Don’t call yourself crazy, please? Society does that for you already. Just try and keep your head up. Just a little longer.

Everybody who needs psychological help, has a reason for that. What made that person crazy to begin with? Did you ever think about that or is all you see that mask of craziness?
Our brains have some kind of tilt at some point. Things get too much. Traumata, stress, griefing, … At some point every brain will just snap. Just like that. And it can happen to you just like everybody else.

Do you know what will happen tomorrow? Are you sure you know?

People who seek professional help because they snapped, they don’t deserve to be called names. They are not nutcases or abnormal. You know what they are? They are very ill, and they are ill for a good reason.

Don’t judge. Everybody has history. No one is a blank page. Every new rip and fold in that page can push one closer to that point of no return, when they snap and you can’t help themselves anymore.

Don’t judge those “crazy people”!

Don’t judge!

If you consider yourself a friend of such a person. Just be there. Be available. Have an open ear and eye. Offer your help and don’t judge your friend.

If you see such a person on the street. Leave them be. Your weird looks and giggle, your finger pointing and head shaking are making things worse.

I want to quote Ellen DeGeneres here: “Be kind to one another!”

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