Birthday Blues

13 Mar

I turned 30 today. Fuck, I am old.

While I am keeping my mind young, sometimes I feel really old.

I became that person that says these things:

  • The music in my childhood was so much better!
  • Oh my goooosh, people don’t educate their kids anymore!
  • Girls should wear more!

I hated people saying this kind of stuff when I was 15…

In addition, most of the newer technology, I really honestly take forever to understand it while 15 years ago you would put a new piece in my hand and 10 minutes later I’d know how it works.
I learn slower. Not slow. In fact I am a very very quick learner but compared to 15 years ago it’s embarrassing.
My body doesn’t look as hot as it used to anymore. While I always had the feeling that I don’t look good, for real I actually used to look pretty neat. That’s over now.

My hobbies are still very similar to 15 years ago though. I am not making music anymore but instead moved to gaming. I still like cooking and baking and writing.

Apart from all the looking back and comparing me with myself…

I don’t like to celebrate my birthday at all.
I do enjoy nice thoughts, a cake, a gift, yes. But I hate the whole “Let’s be together and jolly.” No!
What’s my problem?
For example at work:
I have a pretty wonderful place of work (no sarcasm, I really love my work and the people there). I don’t have a problem with anybody in particular but I am not close to many either. So being called for cake and then having to do small talk with a team of people I usually rarely talk.
They were actually very thoughtful, I must say.
Knowing that I am allergic to chocolate, they got me apple tart and cheese cake. One coworker drew me a Volibear on the birthday card because he knows I like to play League of Legends.
Also those who sit with me, they did some pretty nice decorations on my desk.

In general I don’t like being the center of attention, so having pictures taken of me, being social, smiling, laughing, …. just a bit much.
And that constant reminder “Hey, how old are you now?”
My answer “I am finally 18!”
Hey, at least they stopped asking.

The Matrix came out when I was about 15
I was a fan of the Kelly Family and Backstreet Boys when I was 12.
I was 5 when the Berlin Wall fell.
The first time I remember seeing Michael Jackson > he was still black (kinda)
Owning a computer was not a common thing when I was a teenager.
I got my first mobile phone for my 14th birthday (it was huge and heavy)
I am the last generation of late hippies (my mom is a full-blown hippie).

I sing loud “I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby!!” by Wheatus and feel young, doing that.
I enjoy CCR and Barcley James Harvest

I grew up with X-Files.
I also grew up with Star Trek.
I used to love Star Wars and the new EP 1-3 are not being accepted by me.
When I was little, the cool stuff on TV was Smurfs, Ewoks, and Muppet Show.
The Teletubbies first aired in my country when I was 17.

Yep, I am old….

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One response to “Birthday Blues

  1. candidkay

    March 13, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Oh, sweetie. If you think 30 is midlife, it means you’ll only live until 60! You are so young. Enjoy it:)


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