“Nothing created the universe!”

05 Mar

So I saw this video of a christian on youtube. He is trying to rationalize why his theistic belief is correct and why the lack of believe aka atheism is incorrect.In his ramblings he explains that atheists don’t live in reality and he also quotes something that many atheists say:

“Nothing created the universe!”

But what he does with the sentence is the probably most stupid thing I have ever heard a person say. Well no, but it is close to that level of stupid.

Let’s first think about what this sentence means when it is being said. If someone says it, they are trying to tell you that there is no scientific evidence for the universe having been created by any form of intelligence. Therefore no-one and no-thing > nothing > created the universe.

What the guy in the video does is explain this:
Nothing has no attributes because it is nothing.
A sentence stating that nothing did or didn’t do something is therefore incorrect and can be dismissed in a whole.
So what did he do there? He didn’t actually refute that sentence. What he did was typical apologetics and he also showed that he is not the most intelligent person on this planet, to put it mildly.

At all the theists out there. If you talk to an atheist, please try to substantiate whatever you say. And don’t do weird things like the above. It is not logic, it is apologetic and completely without any value for any conversation.

Thanks for ignoring this post

Here is the video I talk about:


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2 responses to ““Nothing created the universe!”

  1. keithnoback

    March 6, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    So, pretty stupid, but like many idiots, he offers us some transparency at least. His statements preceding the bizarre nothing-talk demonstrate the rationalist/essentialist presumptions which create the psychological gulf between us and them. If he sees reason as thing which makes truth, rather than a means by which we represent it, then the possibility of an uncreated universe is incomprehensible to him. What follows is suspicion, fear, hostility – and then this video.

  2. adrysdale90

    March 27, 2014 at 11:19 am

    Face Palm!


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