Finding Tiger

25 Feb

I am trying to find Tiger

If you read my previous article > I mentioned a “Tiger” there.
She wasn’t just a crush for me. She was very important, she made me feel like a normal person and not like a freak.
I was this weird and desoriented teenage girl with a hippie mother and two out-of-control brothers. I had all those mental problems and didn’t just feel but actually was different.

When I first met Tiger back then, I just thought she was cool. She did a great job juggling, she taught me a lot of it. She had an open ear for my questions and most of all, she did not judge me by appearance or because I’d be acting a little weird sometimes.
I felt mentally save in her presence, the crush on her came much later.

Years later, when I was on a date with some girl, I saw her entering the same cafe with her own date. She recognized me, smiled at me but sadly we didn’t get to talk. I wish my date would have stopped babbling for a minute so I could have said “hi” to Tiger. I never saw her again after that.
Thinking back, she might have been one of the most important people for me back then and her influence on me is still present to this day.

If you are Tiger, and you are reading this, please message me!
If you know Tiger, and you are reading this, please message me or tell her to message me!

This is Tiger:
I have no picture of you.
I do know your full birth name, at least the one you carried back then, around 2000.You should be around 40 years of age now.
You have a large tatoo on your leg.
Your natural hair color was dark blond I think but as far as I remember you had it dyed.
Back then you were studying English and I remember that you were in Scotland or Ireland for a while (maybe one semester or so?)
You were at Zirkus Trau Dich in Munich and you taught me to juggle.
Last time I saw you was in “Glockenbackviertel” in Munich, that was aprox. 9 years ago.
I would love to hear from you!
So if you are reading this, please message me.

My contact email: clos3rlook <dot> at gmail <dot> com
If you are Tiger and you mail me, please mention your birthname in that email so I know it’s you and not a sick joke.

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